June 20, 2024


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2 Political Junkies: Hill v. Mastriano 4:22-cv-00556


Nicely, I’ve viewed it.

An astute reader was variety ample to electronic mail a PDF of the lawsuit in.

Allow me body this in the common caveats. I am not an legal professional. I’ve never taken a regulation study course, opened a legislation book or analyzed to be a law firm/lawful assistant/paralegal/authorized secretary in in any case. Aside from one particular quite small stint on a jury in the mid-90s, I have no encounter in any respect as a lawyer.

I have never even played a person on Tv.

Anyway, back to Hill v Mastriano.

This is the protect sheet:

Yea. Hill’s heart is certainly in the appropriate position but I can’t see this heading wherever.

For example, he flubs a reference to the PA Constitution:

Pursuant to Modification 14, Section 3 – PA Constitution, Pennsylvania state Senator Doug Mastriano really should be barred from managing for Pennsylvania governor in 2022…

That’s in the first page. He’s referencing the 14th Amendment to the US Constitution, while he will get the reference appropriate on the fourth but still it can be not a good way to open up a lawsuit.

Hill does have a level, of system. That section of the US Structure reads:

No human being shall be a Senator or Consultant in Congress, or elector
of President and Vice-President, or keep any office environment, civil or armed service,
under the United States, or beneath any Condition, who, possessing previously
taken an oath, as a member of Congress, or as an officer of the United
States, or as a member of any Condition legislature, or as an executive or
judicial officer of any Condition, to aid the Constitution of the United
States, shall have engaged in insurrection or revolt versus the
, or presented support or comfort to the enemies thereof.[Emphasis added.]

Hill then lists all the stuff we presently know about Mastriano lied about how extended he wandered close to the Capitol that working day, Mastriano’s office environment chartered buses to the January 6 rally, Mastriano experienced his picture taken with fellow RWNJ Rick Saccone and so on.

All of these matters are really pretty bad politically. I am just not so positive they are ample to bounce him from the key ballot.

But at the coronary heart of the subject is this: to the extent that PA Condition Senator Doug Mastriano was associated in Trump’s attempted coup, he is disqualified from operating for general public workplace, any general public office, ever once more.

Senator, any word on when you will remark about that congressional subpoena you acquired?


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