July 24, 2024


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2 Political Junkies: Wendy Bell’s Sponsors


Initially some news.

This is a photograph of a mass grave in Bucha, Ukraine.

The European information assistance Euractiv
that it can be taken from the twitter account of Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro

The piece begins with this:

International outrage at accusations of Russian war crimes in Ukraine mounted Sunday
(3 April) with the discovery of mass graves and corpses in streets near Kyiv,
as President Volodymyr Zelenskyy immediately blamed leaders in Moscow for the
“torture” and “killings” of civilians.

Listed here is a picture of a mass killing as noted by The Connected Press:

The AP reports:

Bodies with bound fingers, near-selection
gunshot wounds and indicators of torture lay scattered in a metropolis on the
outskirts of Kyiv after Russian soldiers withdrew from the area.
Ukrainian authorities on Sunday accused the departing forces of
committing war crimes and leaving driving a “scene from a horror film.”

As visuals of the bodies — of individuals
whom citizens said ended up killed indiscriminately — began to arise from
Bucha, a slew of European leaders condemned the atrocities and identified as
for harder sanctions versus Moscow.

Yesterday, Wendy Bell publicly distribute Russian misinformation about the above atrocities – spreading Russian question that the scenes might have been staged. By Ukraine.

Yep. Which is what Wendy Bell did.

She experienced support – and I am not conversing about her lil’ buddy, her sidekick Brock Schneider, either.

Go to the Sponsors page on her internet site to see the record of her monetary helpers.

These are the enterprises sponsoring Wendy Bell Radio:

If I am being familiar with the verb “sponsoring” in this context, these organizations are trading something of value (possibly cash) and in exchange Wendy Bell is advertising for them on her internet site. She (and Brock) get paid from this hard cash and the sponsors see a rise in buyers.

But allow there be no error: every of them is sponsoring Wendy Bell’s spreading of Russian misinformation. They each and every have a hand in sowing doubt between her adorings about the brutal fact in Ukraine. They’re every making funds off of it. They are every complicit in the misinformation.

But we even now dwell in a totally free society where by the 1st Modification even now retains sway. The homeowners of every of individuals business are entirely free of charge to categorical them selves as they see match. Each is absolutely free to affiliate their business with Wendy Bell – the disgraced previous journalist who now spreads Russian misinformation about Russian war crimes in Ukraine.

Just as we are cost-free to level out to the normal community their affiliation with Wendy Bell.

Do they know she’s spreading Russian misinformation about Russian war crimes in Ukraine?

I ponder.

They should.


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