June 20, 2024


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4 Kinds Of Personal Injury Claims Involving Children

Personal Injury Claims for Children | Vancouver Personal Injury Lawyer

Having a child who has been injured due to another person’s fault can be extremely stressful to deal with for a parent. It is normal to wonder if such an accident could have been prevented or if anything could be done to make sure it didn’t happen. However, the matter is that the deed has been done and the child is a personal injury victim. Claiming the maximum compensation for such cases is important because it affects the child and their future. 

Let’s look at the 4 important types of claims that are made in the child personal injury bracket.

  1. Accident at Daycare or School

When there has been an accident or injury of a child at daycare at school and the child has got medical attention for the same, the parent must contact the staff reporting the accident. If it is found that such an incident was caused due to the negligence of staff members, then a child personal injury claim can be raised. 

When you learn more about such cases, you will find that obtaining CCTV footage pictures of the child’s injuries, the names of the staff members who were there when the accident happened, and receipts of any medical costs that have been incurred for the treatment are necessary.

  1. Accident at the Playground

This is another type of very common personal injury claim where accidents have happened at playgrounds injuring kids. A claim can be raised against the owner of the playground where authorities failed to keep up with the safety of the said place or the injury occurred because a staff member was negligent on their duty.

It can also be claimed that the food that may have been offered was not up to the hygiene level necessary. Such a claim can be made in any of the public areas where a child may have got into an accident.

  1. Birth Injuries

One of the most common birth injuries that are claimed against is cerebral palsy. This may be caused by medical negligence during a mother’s pregnancy. Some of the other cases where such claims are made regarding birth injuries are brain injuries, hip or shoulder injuries, and spinal injuries.

  1. Toy Injuries

Injuries may also be caused due to children’s toys. Unsafe or defective toys can cause such a claim. Such a toy may cause physical harm or choke a child. The parent can make a claim saying that the toy manufacturer was at fault for the injury. Such claims can make other parents much more aware and even save the lives of many children.

Child personal injury claims can get emotional because of their very nature. It is up to the parents to make sure that a child gets compensated well for the injuries they sustained because of someone else’s fault. Hiring a good attorney for the same is the first thing parents should do and the sooner it is done, the better it will be.