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A Tiny Desk Classic From 2017: Bleachers



I might have posted this in advance of at LGF, perhaps even far more than once, but it is just so very good.

Sept. 12, 2017 | Jacob Ganz — Two songs into his Tiny Desk live performance, Jack Antonoff revealed a little bit of stagecraft at the rear of his performances with Bleachers.

“My manager states, ‘When you play for 1,000 individuals, do not converse to one individual. It’s only cool for them,’” Antonoff reported. It was available as an apology — he had just completed aiming a monologue about the hyperlink involving dancing and crying at a one NPR staffer in the viewers — but it was also a excellent encapsulation of the relationship Antonoff’s tracks make. Bleachers makes definitely conversational pop, songs that audio expansive but retain a sense of intimacy, even when aimed at the masses.

At the Little Desk, Antonoff, along with pianist Mikey Hart and multi-instrumentalist Evan Smith, pared away considerably of the pomp that can transform Antonoff’s layered studio productions into neon-lit melodramas rollercoastering toward catharsis. On a few tunes from this year’s album Absent Now impeccably re-organized for a smaller place, it was unachievable to miss out on the cracked longing at the heart of Antonoff’s operate.

“If you ever see Bleachers stay, it’s two drum sets and it is big and it’s kinda like this huge statement that I could hide behind the tears with this large rock demonstrate. But the tracks are prepared like this,” Antonoff claimed ahead of launching into a version of the ’80s-drenched single “Don’t Choose The Money” that was all feathery keyboards and spoken word verses — in addition a short estimate from Queen’s 1984 strike “Radio Ga Ga. “

Not that he could resist a properly-positioned gimmick. “Don’t Just take The Money” was the only track of the day to include drum sounds, which arrived from a cassette tape in a increase box about which a microphone experienced been draped. He started the tune by hitting play on the cassette, but it took 3 attempts to nail the ending in time with Hart. For this team, looking at the flaws is element of the appeal.

Set Record

“Everybody Shed Somebody”
“Don’t Choose the Money”
“Foreign Girls”


Jack Antonoff (vocals, keys) Evan Smith (vocals, keys, sax) Mikey Hart (vocals, piano)


Producers: Bob Boilen, Morgan Noelle Smith Audio Engineers: Josh Rogosin Videographers: Morgan Noelle Smith, Colin Marshall, Tsering Bista Creation Assistant: Jenna Li Photograph: Claire Harbage/NPR.

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