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AvvocatoFlash launches the new platform and becomes the largest digital law firm in Italy


Apr 26, 2022 3:00 AM ET


Cosenza, April 26, 2022 –, the first entity in Italy to have digitized the customer search process to hire legal professionals, launches a new platform becoming the largest digital law firm in Italy.

Thanks to the introduction of innovative features, goes beyond the simple concept of a marketplace by positioning itself as the first platform in Italy verticalized in the legal world that offers network lawyers the opportunity to manage clients and operates entirely online from desktop computers and mobile devices.

Via the platform, designed to offer a service of high technological value, the network’s lawyers can:

  • Video call customers through an integrated video conferencing system;
  • reate their online agendas
  • Have their clients sign all types of legal documents online and free of charge, thanks to advanced electronic signature (FEA)
  • Digitally store documents in an Agid-protected cloud space.

All features are designed to meet specific standards and preserve the value of the document unchanged over time, blocking it in its form, content, and uniqueness.

“The legal profession, especially after the lockdown experience, is undergoing a profound transformation. We can no longer continue according to the old patterns but, to be competitive in the market, we must use the support of technology “comments Guglielmo Del Giudice, Co-founder of AvvocatoFlash” The market segment to which the platform is addressed are people and companies that they are looking for an online lawyer, about 18% of all users, for an economic value of 2 billion euros. This percentage is naturally destined to increase, because Millennials will soon enter the world of work. This is a generation that, by its nature, uses the internet to meet all needs, from material to service needs. In this process of evolution, we want to be at the forefront.”

The new platform will have an entirely reinvigorated layout, wholly revised in colour tones, text, and navigation tree to make them user-friendly and lawyer-side browsing experience user-friendly. The new design is characterized by sober colours that reinterpret the yellow and blue of the logo, geometric lines and captioned images, all strategically intended to accompany the user step by step and the lawyer in the use of innovative features. The new site combines simplicity and technology, making the complex architecture it supports usable and accessible.

AvvocatoFlash is a start-up founded in 2019 by the will of three young professionals with experience in the legal, technology and business fields. Today it records a turnover of over 215 thousand euros a year, boasts a community of over 4,000 registered lawyers specialising in various legal subjects and active throughout the national territory, manages and records over 5,000 requests and 200,000 average monthly visits.

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Contact Information:

Name: Guglielmo Del Giudice
Email: [email protected]
Job Title: CEO

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