June 20, 2024


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B.C. tables law to boost housing development around transit


VICTORIA — B.C.’s Transportation Act is getting updates that are meant to increase housing around transit stations.

The province announced it has released variations that will empower the BC Transportation Financing Authority to attain land to build housing and group amenities near any stations or exchanges.

The adjustments, which are component of Invoice 16, were being tabled previously this month by Rob Fleming, minister of transportation.

“Public transit is not just about getting people today from A to B, it is also about creating greener and more habitable communities,” said Fleming. “We will improve the degree of cost-effective housing and services that are integrated into our sizeable investments in transit.”

The latest act only enables the funding authority to buy land for transportation tasks, not transit-related enhancement. The province mentioned this has designed it hard to form progress all around station web-sites, maximize housing density and assistance create full, related communities shut to transit.

Officers mentioned Bill 16 will enable housing to be designed in blended-use developments, along with child treatment centres, outlets and commercial products and services, colleges and overall health treatment centres, educational services, community collecting spaces and recreation centres.

The province said these transit-oriented developments are typically found inside an 800-metre radius of transit stations, the exterior distance from which persons can conveniently obtain general public transit by going for walks, pedalling or making use of a mobility device.

The province added the BC Transportation Funding Authority will be equipped to produce these projects by working with nearby governments and a broad range of associates to attain liveable, transit-supportive communities.

Officers described housing developments around transit hubs have been demonstrated to boost transit ridership. For illustration, the Maritime Gateway housing and amenities advancement in close proximity to Cambie Road and Southwest Marine Generate contributed to a 35 per cent maximize in ridership at the Marine Drive transit station.


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