May 31, 2023


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Biden’s infrastructure & economy speech had some, er, interesting moments (especially the grand finale) –


President Biden spoke now in North Carolina on infrastructure and his financial agenda, and in the course of his remarks, it grew to become very clear that it is also bad the ability of eye rolls can’t be harnessed due to the fact it could gas the nation for the following year.

But there have been some other… shall we say… fascinating times. For starters, here’s a level in the speech where Biden did not sense the have to have to allow the relaxation of us in on what he was declaring:

“Excuse my back.” Ooookay.

Biden also experienced a baffling tale about blindfolding people and getting them to two different airports in an endeavor to say China does infrastructure far better than the U.S.:

Hmm, exciting. If you have been blindfolded and accompanied by Biden the truth that your flight from DC to Chicago O’Hare took 14 several hours may be a dead giveaway that one thing was up.

But if that was not inspiring ample, Biden’s “oil slick on the car window” tale should really have you chanting “USA! United states!”:

Perhaps which is why Biden then devoted his life to ridding the U.S. of its electricity independence.

Having said that, Biden’s grand finale and exit also caught some notice:

The John Philip Sousa march taking part in in the background truly aids offer it.

One more inspiring speech from President Biden!

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