July 22, 2024


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Florida Governor DeSantis Emerges As An American Leader, by Paul Craig Roberts


As I reported on April 4 ( https://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2022/04/04/hats-off-to-florida-governor-ron-desantis-an-american-leader/ ), Disney, after on a time a respected and reliable firm, is these days a foyer for sexual perversion. The Florida legislature passed the “Parental Legal rights in Education” monthly bill into legislation, and Disney’s CEO, Bob Chapek, has taken difficulty with it. As considerably as Chapek is worried, the rights of a very small minority of sexual perverts take precedent more than parental rights. Chapek thinks mother and father have no proper to protest the public instruction technique brainwashing their kids into sexual perversion and transgenderism.

It turns out that Disney experienced acquired by way of campaign contributions from a previous legislature the ideal to govern alone independently of the county governments in which Disney resides. When Chapek declared that Disney’s aim was to have parental legal rights ” be repealed by the legislature or struck down in the courts” and to aid corporations performing to make that materialize, Florida Ron DeSantis reminded Chapek that Florida “is governed by the interests of the persons of the condition of Florida—it is not based on the needs of California company executives.” The Florida government has created it clear that Disney’s distinctive privilege is subject to repeal.

Polls show that an too much to handle bulk of Floridians, including a vast majority of Democrats, favor parental legal rights about sexual perverts’ rights. Households are canceling their Disney memberships and are contacting on social media for boycotting Disney. No guardian worried about their young children need to ever assistance Disney by having them to a Disney location.

Point out Agent Spencer Roach stated that “CEO Bob Chapek desires to be removed,” and that “a gentleman obsessed with sexualizing 4-calendar year-olds really should not operate a enterprise that constructed its model on preserving the innocence and magic of childhood.” Rep. Roach’s opinion is that if Disney wants to hold its particular privilege, Chapek has to go.

Disney’s unique privileges and its CEO’s perception that the enterprise can control Florida legislation displays how “free industry capitalism” seriously functions. It performs by firms purchasing governments and regulatory authorities.

Chapek’s use of Disney to lobby for the rights of sexual perverts reveals how far The usa has sunk into degeneracy. What is the situation of Chapek’s board and shareholders? Are they as degenerate as he is, preferring perverse sexual indoctrination of little ones? Has the American educational method at all levels succumbed to “wokism,” thus overthrowing the traditional moral ideas and actions that outlined the United States of The united states?

The American people today are shedding their nation morally and spiritually. Integrity, regular concepts, conventional techniques of judging individuals by their character, ideal actions, politeness, manners, individual and household relations have all been sodom and gomorrahized. When I glimpse back again more than my a long time, almost everything superior about The united states has been ruined.

It is wonderful how extensive it took for “progress” to be understood as the destruction it is. DeSantis sees it and steps forward as a chief. The dilemma is: are the American individuals too far long gone to recognize the leadership that they will need?

Among the superpowers, the US is the only place incapable of developing genuine management. How is these a terribly led place going to compete in opposition to China and Russia?


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