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Haiti – Politic : Claude Joseph deplores the stoppage of the construction of the irrigation canal of the Massacre River


Haiti – Politic : Claude Joseph deplores the stoppage of the construction of the irrigation canal of the Massacre River
14/03/2022 11:25:23

Haiti - Politic : Claude Joseph deplores the stoppage of the construction of the irrigation canal of the Massacre River

On Saturday, previous Prime Minister ai Claude Joseph deplored the halt in the design of the irrigation canal which was to capture h2o from the Massacre River, in the northern location of ​​the Haitian border, to irrigate agricultural land in the cities of Meac, Ferie and Derac, adjacent to the municipality of Ounaminthe.

On his Tweeter account he writes “It is regrettable to take note that the functions for the construction of an irrigation ingestion on the Massacre River have been abandoned. This deplorable predicament is tangible evidence that the job led by the oligarchs to erase the legacy of Pdt Jovenel is continuing its class.”

Try to remember that the design of this politically delicate irrigation canal is the source of great stress with the Dominican Republic, which accuses each individual other due to the fact of differences in the interpretation of the historic treaties signed involving the two Nations.

Confronted with the rise of tensions close to the building of this canal, purchased by Jovenel Moïse, the Dominican and Haitian authorities have left it to a technical fee to ascertain no matter whether the h2o that would be taken by this canal would have an effect on the circulation of the river Massacre, a all-natural useful resource that the two nations around the world share https://www.haitilibre.com/en/news-33953-haiti-flash-dominican-geologist-osiris-de-leon-denies-haiti-s-assertions.html .

Let’s recall that in June 2021, President Luis Abinader requested the Haitian government to halt the development of this canal https://www.haitilibre.com/en/information-33945-haiti-flash-canal-on-the-massacre-river-in-haiti-dominican-president-abinader-raises-the-tone.html affirming that the Dominican Republic had “lots of selections” from the diplomatic level of perspective to demand that Haiti cease this operate, but that he favored an settlement worldwide-business.html

On September 29, 2021 at his formal home, Primary Minister ai Ariel Henry confirmed that the Federal government meant to keep on perform on the irrigation canal capturing h2o from the Massacre River, stopped in early August 2021, the expense of which is approximated at around 50 million gourdes been adopted by no concrete outcome.

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