July 22, 2024


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His View: Now is the time for peace in Ukraine | Opinion


If you’ve noticed, a good hunk of media pressure for all the liberal tropes have fallen off the radar screen lately — mostly because the failure of such policies is becoming impossible to ignore. Vaccinating infants and toddlers for COVID-19, wearing masks, Black Lives Matter — the list goes on and on. The public just isn’t buying any of this nonsense any more, though there’s still an overbearing climate of fear around publicly resisting these nonsense positions.

But the largest one that really requires the public’s attention is the war in Ukraine. Sold to the body politic as a holy crusade instead of the continuation of a bloody Slavic conflict reaching back literally more than a thousand years, it’s becoming increasingly obvious that the Russo-Ukrainian conflict is effectively over. I called it more than a couple of months back.

Wonder weapons (where have we heard THAT term before) were supposed to turn the tide against the Russian invaders. And while they had some effect, for some time, instead what happened was the Russian Army shifted tactics to what has been called the ‘Grozny-fication’ of the conflict. Grozny is the capital of Chechnya, where the Russian Army essentially turned the conflict around by using artillery to pulverize the city to dust. The same is happening in eastern Ukraine, and there won’t be much left when this is all over.


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