May 22, 2024


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“Hotel California” Law Firm Charged With Ethics Violations for Making It Impossible for Lawyers to Leave – My Shingle


“Relax, ” claimed the night guy

“We are programmed to receive”

“You can check-out any time you like”

“But you can never depart!”

–Hotel California, The Eagles

We’re all acquainted with the music Hotel California, that fictitious resort exactly where company are trapped for eternity.  Effectively, what if the Lodge California was not an imaginary spot but a actual, running law company.

Turns out it is…at minimum centered on a  Reuters report about Tully Rinckey, a New York based mostly navy and work law business with D.C. workplaces that went to all steps to keep lawyers tied to the Company at least for the length of their employment contracts.  As a final result, the Firm is at present the subject matter of a disciplinary proceeding for interfering with the “the legal rights of legal professionals to apply soon after termination of their romantic relationship with the firm” and employing insurance policies that “prevented or impeded clients from picking out to carry on to work with lawyers who ended up common with their situations.”  

Law Agency Non-Competes Are Unethical

Amongst other points, the Firm’s work contract with lawyers required liquidated payments of as higher as $50,000 if an lawyer departed just before the summary of the agreement term, and barred departing attorneys from soliciting the Firm’s lawyers for employment for a period of time of 18 months and imposed a compelled “referral fee” of a single-third of revenues generated by departing legal professionals who took agency purchasers with them.  And the Company also refused to notify consumers of a lawyers’ departure, as an alternative straight away reassigning the case to an additional Firm lawyer.  And in fact, the grievance alleges that the Business had sued attorneys who took customers with them, even if the consumers selected to comply with. All of these routines violate D.C. ethics policies which do not let legislation companies to impose non-competes and forbid any tactics that interfere with clients’ unfettered legal rights to counsel of their picking out.

Why Did This Regulation Organization Require Non-Competes

You may speculate why a firm would require such formidable non-competes.  Not remarkably, the bar grievance found that the Agency skilled significant turnover rates…and no speculate.  Among the other issues, Organization legal professionals had been matter to strict billable demands, nevertheless they weren’t credited for hrs put in on data files where purchasers hadn’t paid out- even if payment was later on produced. And the criticism notes that legal professionals and personnel ended up monitored on security cameras.

Do Deficiency of Non-Competes Place Legal professionals At a Downside?

Regulation corporations argue that non-competes place them at a disadvantage to other organizations.  Perhaps so.  But the most effective workaround is to stay clear of procedures like safety cameras and stringent workforce that make it so legal professionals want to check out. 


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