September 30, 2023


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How Not to be an Electic Car W****r


If you’d explained to me a couple a long time ago that I would now be driving an electric powered motor vehicle, I’d have laughed in your face. You see, I could rival Jeremy Clarkson in the petrol-head stakes. I really like driving, I like cars and most of all I like Audis. I have experienced 15 of them. Then, past November, I purchased an “EV” — an electric powered auto.
I’d like to be able to virtue sign and say that I bought my (what else?) Audi eTron GT  to defend the setting. We have all acquired to get behind web zero,  haven’t we?

In truth,  I assumed I may possibly as effectively get used to an electrical car before I was forced to — by 2030, gross sales of petrol or diesel cars and trucks will be banned in this region. In addition, if you lease your EV via your firm, there are numerous tax rewards. My selection was one particular of rational economic preference.
Fascinating as it has been to get my initially examination-drive in direction of this motoring revolution, I have also learnt a challenging truth of the matter alongside the way: no one actually would like to listen to about it. By all usually means push an EV, but check out not to annoy every person else (which include fellow EV motorists) although you are undertaking it.

Here are my nine new policies of the highway that will stop you turning out to be an e-car w***er.

1. Try to remember, electric power isn’t absolutely free. A close friend in Essex tells me some other “friends” occur to retain “popping in” en route from London to their next household in Suffolk and asking their hosts if they would not mind awfully if they plugged in for a bit. No present to read through the good meter and give payment. No bottle of wine, no life time membership to Reader’s Digest, no almost nothing. Just simple impolite.

2.  Do not pretend you  bought it for eco good reasons. Acknowledge it, you are not Greta Thunberg. CCTV has caught your automobile  half a dozen occasions in excess of the earlier yr in the parking ton at Heathrow, whilst you jet off on CO2-belching long-haul flights to exotic climes.

3. Do not be a vacation hazard If you do not have off-avenue parking, observe what you’re executing with that charging cable or be organized for authorized motion from a buggy-pusher, wheelchair user or slighty drunk neighbour on their way home at 1am. Really do not support flip your street into one thing from It’s A Knockout.

4.  Really do not boast about your “range”. None of your fellow meal-celebration attendees will be amazed — and they will not feel you. And really rightly. My electric Audi eTron GT advertises a selection of 298 miles. The most I’ve at any time received out of it is 217 miles, and it’s generally more like 206. Probably they acquired a 90-12 months-previous granny to generate it spherical the examination keep track of.

5. Charging stories are not electrifying. We’re not interested in your household charger, or regardless of whether Octopus Electricity has low-priced costs right after midnight. Podpoint, schmodpoint. You believe any person cares how extensive it will take to cost your vehicle to 80%? No a single does.
6. And it is not your automobile, is it?  Any sensible EV driver will lease their auto. Battery know-how will increase, array will improve: Mercedes have just introduced an EV 620-mile array (year right). Purchase just one outright, and in two yrs it will be out of day and have zero-second-hand benefit. You have been warned.

7.  Really do not hog the charger. Leaving your auto charging for an hour or far more even though you tuck into a McDonald’s and peruse the area stores is not intelligent and it isn’t funny.  Repeat following me: “It is not a parking place, it’s a charging point”. That reported, hardly ever, at any time unplug another person else’s motor vehicle.

8. Go sluggish. EVs are, in normal, rapid off the mark. A Nissan Leaf could outrun a petrol Porsche when the lights go green,  but resist the temptation to floor it. There are sufficient boy-racers on the highway by now, and no person likes a show-off.

9. Do not get a Tesla. If I desired to buy a pc on wheels, I would have. Certainly, your charging community is wonderful, but the develop good quality of your autos is, shall we say, variable. And the fewer cash I put into Elon Musk’s pocket, the happier I am.  




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