June 16, 2024


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How Technology Is Improving Air Quality 2018

The Earth’s air pollution is becoming a major concern with the spotlight focussing on the major towns and cities to start taking responsibility and produce solutions for the carbon footprint they are creating.

China is one of the major problematic countries with some of the worst air pollution levels in the world. China have now announced they are taking this issue very seriously and vow to cut their pollution levels down by a minimum of 30% by the end of 2018.

France has already addressed their air pollution levels by introducing an air quality certificate system for all vehicles registered and entering the country. Many people in the UK believe we should be following in suit and begin tackling our air pollution in our major cities also. London is starting to introduce a surcharge for driving around the city centre and for idling engines left running while sat stationary, for example: parents sat outside of schools waiting for their children.

Google has created its own ‘Air Quality’ featured snippet for specific search terms related to pollution, here is a screenshot of a search I did while writing this article:

Why is the Air Quality Important?

The quality of air can have a big impact on your health! Statistics from 2017 show that 40,000 deaths were directly linked to air pollution. There have been air pollution levels set for major cities in the UK, however in the first month of 2018 London had already surpassed the air pollution limit, meaning the level of toxicity in the air was illegal.

Air pollution levels have a direct connection with the global warming crisis, with governments now taking more action on prevent emissions from being released into our atmosphere. Our governments are beginning to become more proactive than ever in terms of sanctioning companies and individuals enforcing lower levels of pollution.

Are We Safer Indoors?

If the air pollution is so awful outside, does this mean we are safer and at less of a risk indoors? Unfortunately, this is not the case and many of the indoor spaces we reside in can also be polluted with poor quality air.

The air pollution in our workplaces can have a profound effect on productivity levels. This can contribute towards workers feeling less motivated, tired and not working to full capacity under these conditions. Studies have shown poor air pollution can also lead to problems with the immune system, meaning workers would become more inclined to taking sick days.

How a Ventilation System Can Help

There are many direct benefits to installing a modern ventilation system, providing a permanent flow of air through your business space, maintaining a consistent temperature, managing dust and fume deposits and ultimately lowering the annual costs of PPE.

Ensuring your workplace has a system such as this will provide your workforce with the best conditions to work in and reduce downtime due to illness and low productivity.

In the future and as technology evolves it is certain to provide us with more and more solutions to the Earth’s air pollution problem. Technology will advance to a stage of saving lives through the process of improving air quality for millions of people around the world. For now, we can only do as much as we can to ensure we make positive environmental choices and consider the planet and future generations where ever we can.