July 22, 2024


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How to Set Up Your First Commercial Office

So, you want to take your home business to the next level. This for most people means that you will be on the lookout for your very first commercial office space. When it comes to business expansion, actually having a real physical office is the best way to both demonstrate your commitment to the business and help grow it. As this will give you a better base of operations compared to your back bedroom (as well as giving you somewhere to base your employees).

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As a result, there are a few key issues that you need to be aware of and keep in mind when looking to set up your very own commercial office space. These include:

Location, Location, Location 

Whether you’re buying a house to live in or just looking for office space to rent, there is one important factor to keep in mind: location. 

Location can affect a number of things. It can make employees want to join your business more if close to good transport links. It can make clients consider you a better prospect, especially if you’re close to other reputable business. The fact is that you need to make sure your space is reachable, has good amenities and actually has the facilities you need to run a successful office. If anything is subpar–especially the toilets–you should consider moving to a much better office instead. 

Understanding Business Rates

Like council tax but for business, this is a factor which can drive many businesses to worse and worse offices. As, simply, the business rates for any kind of decent office is just too outrageous to manage. Unfortunately, nearly all non-domestic properties are subject to business rates. Even if you are only renting the space! So, understanding them is imperative. 

The rate you pay will be calculated based on the rateable value of the space. This is done by using the estimated value of the property. If the estimated value falls beneath a business tax of £12,000 then you may be eligible for small business rate relief. Likewise, if you continued to work from home business rates are only payable in a few circumstances. Such as if your property is a flat attached to a shop, if you sell things from the property or if an employee works with you there. 

For help, you can always get a commercial property management agency to sort out this aspect of your commercial space for you. It will certainly save you a headache or two in the meantime. 

Get Someone to Negotiate the Commercial Lease

When it comes to lease negotiation, this is not something that you should be negotiating yourself. A practiced property manager should be your go-to person for this, as it is vital that no hidden clauses come to bite you later in your lease or even after it. You may also find yourself issue to other property problems, so it can be better to have someone knowledgeable on retainer to deal with this. For example, someone who understands the compulsory purchase process can be invaluable in some circumstances.


Setting up your very own office can be an exciting thing to do. But, it is vital that you understand and take into account all of the legal necessities prior to doing so. Only then will you be ready to become a fully fledged and functioning office space.