April 12, 2024


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Julia Roberts Shines in Chronicle of Watergate Scandal


Lots of of us know pieces of the story of President Richard Nixon’s slide from grace, major to his 1974 resignation. Two yrs ahead of, Nixon’s paranoid streak experienced led to greenlighting the 1972 so-referred to as White Home Plumbers crack-in at Democratic Bash places of work in DC’s posh Watergate Resort, orchestrated by Legal professional Standard John Mitchell. As a tween, I watched the political scandal unfurl on the nightly news about loved ones dinners, with my outraged lefty father screaming at the Tv set and broadcaster “Uncle” Walter Cronkite whilst we booed Nixon together with him. But, as I picked my way via adolescence, I didn’t know the epic particulars of the tale “Gaslit” reveals.

Based mostly on the 1st period of Leon Neyfakh’s granular “Slow Burn” podcast, with “Mr. Robot’s” Robbie Pickering as showrunner, the 8-part limited sequence flips the script. It puts Mitchell’s spouse Martha at its center and reexamines the scandal from the base up and the inside out. Like a staff out of misfits out of “Ted Lasso,” the just about-neglected gamers – John Dean, J. Gordon Liddy, and E. Howard Hunt between them – are explored and uncovered, with A.G. Mitchell ultimately possessing to make a alternative of allegiance between his bestie the 37th President and his beloved wife.

Get ready for Julia Roberts (who also manufactured) as Arkansas indigenous Mrs. Mitchell. The voluble Southern-design and style hostess who’s rival for overall inside-the-beltway social domination on the elite scene was Initially Girl Pat Nixon herself. Wonderful, boozy and shrewd, Martha’s the life of the occasion – with a tendency to leak essential details to the press. When she tumbles to the actuality of the 1972 Watergate B&E, and the leadership function her doting duplicitous partner John (Sean Penn) played, she will become a unfastened finish that he chooses to indelicately “handle,” making her doubly risky to the Nixon bring about.

As Mr. Mitchell jets to Washington to cleanse up his party’s mess, he leaves his wife guarded below lock and important in California. She’s held hostage in her own resort home, guy-handled, sedated and reduce off from all outside get hold of. It’s a amazing betrayal by a partner whose loyalties are somewhere else, and a reflection of a larger sized betrayal of the physique politic. As Martha, the powerful arm sweet turned political legal responsibility, Roberts has under no circumstances been improved, richer, funnier or fuller in her embodiment of a character. Whether she’s getting a anxious breakdown during a get together of DC elites or sitting reverse her spouse in a personal plane with a drained stricken face that has dropped its make-up mask. Her Martha’s anyone who hardly ever noticed herself as a victim, and is stunned and discombobulated to find herself forged in that job, the slide girl, the punchline – Cassandra.



While crusading Penn has come to be increasingly uninteresting off-digital camera, the actor is sharp and canny inside of the prosthetic body fat accommodate that he dons to enjoy Mr. Mitchell. In distinction to the in the same way remodeled Jared Leto in the egregious “House of Gucci,” Penn would make this Mitchell actual, his eyes conveying conflicted levels of emotion from beneath prosthetics and make-up that make him unrecognizable.

As John Dean, Dan Stevens (“Downton Abbey”) nails both equally his ambition, awkwardness and gradual awakening to how the video game is performed in Washington, and his aspect in it. Of the relaxation of the talented ensemble, Shea Whigham (“Boardwalk Empire”) stands out as the wily G-person and chief operative G. Gordon Liddy, along with Betty Gilpin as Maureen “Mo” Dean and Nat Faxon as Bob Haldeman.

The script has bounce, revealing its panoramic ensemble with vitality and assurance. It is entertaining and insightful and, like Martha herself, who was in her fifties when this played out, appears to have no fucks still left to give.

Background is written by the winners. Hold out 50 yrs, or 5 hundreds of years, and the narrative shifts. Go, Martha, for finding your badass voice back in the saga of this crazy Watergate Resort caper that introduced down a president, and appears, now, tame in comparison to the catastrophe that is the January 6 Insurrection and its several conspiracies and desecration of the U.S. Capitol.

“Gaslit” is an Emmy video game-changer.

“Gaslit” premieres on Starz on April 24 with new episodes rolling out weekly.


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