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Larceny in South Carolina – SeiferFlatow, PLLC


Likelihood are you’ve heard the expression “larceny” described as a spectator, whether or not in news stories, police experiences, social media posts, or your favored crime drama series. But if you’re going through prices of larceny, it is important to know what is deemed larceny in South Carolina and what variety of punishments it can have.

larceny in south carolina

In South Carolina, larceny is defined as unlawfully having property that belongs to a further particular person, with no pressure, and with the intent to permanently deprive that person of the property. In other terms, larceny is the lawful expression for the non-violent theft of a person else’s personalized house with no the intent to at any time give it back. 

It need to be famous that larceny is normally carried out with no the use of drive or violence. Theft carried out by pressure is generally both classified as armed robbery or potent armed theft, which are wholly distinctive charges. Most frequently, larceny is committed when the real owner of the assets isn’t even existing.

It really should also be mentioned that it is important for a prosecutor to demonstrate intent in a larceny case. Using someone else’s residence with no their expertise, but with programs to return it, is not deemed larceny, but rather borrowing devoid of permission. Whilst not a fantastic factor to do, this is not normally regarded as a crime besides in specific situations.

Larceny can be charged as either a misdemeanor or a felony. 

Usually, larceny costs in South Carolina tumble below a single of two classes as laid out in South Carolina Code of Rules Segment 16-13-30: petit larceny or grand larceny. Like most states, South Carolina differentiates larceny rates based mostly on the value of the stolen residence: 

  • Petit larceny: Sometimes referred to as “petty larceny” or “petty theft”, petit larceny is larceny wherever the stolen house is valued at beneath $2000. 
  • Grand larceny: Larceny in which the stolen assets is valued more than $2000 is classified as grand larceny under South Carolina law.

Larceny prices differ in severity and penalties, based what category the larceny falls into. 

Petit larceny is a misdemeanor demand that is tried in Magistrates Courtroom or Municipal Courtroom, South Carolina’s lesser courts. A conviction of petit larceny can have a penalty of up to 30 times in jail or a good of up to $1000. 

As a more really serious crime, grand larceny is a felony charge that is experimented with in General Periods courtroom. A grand larceny conviction is divided into two unique classes for sentencing:

  • If the stolen home is valued as far more than $2000 but considerably less than $10,000, a conviction carries up to a five-calendar year jail sentence or a fantastic in an volume that is at the court’s discretion. This is a Course F felony.
  • If the stolen property is valued at much more than $10,000, a conviction carries up to a 10-12 months jail sentence or a high-quality in an volume that is at the court’s discretion. This is a Class E felony.

If you’re struggling with prices of larceny in South Carolina, you are going to want a educated criminal legal professional on your side to enable you make a sound defense. The legal crew at SeiferFlatow understands that even just an accusation of larceny can have a detrimental effect on your lifestyle and will combat on your behalf to deliver the ideal feasible end result for you. Make contact with our South Carolina place of work to timetable a session.


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