July 22, 2024


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PA State Senator Is STILL Pushing 2020 Election Fraud Hoax


From PA Condition Senator Doug Mastriano’s FB website page:

Senator Doug’s caption:

when adjusted for population, Democrat counties recieved extra grant
funds from Zuckerberg to influence voter turnout than Republican
counties recieved in the 2020 election. There are no community information
showing the amounts that all counties asked for and any disorders that
Zuckerberg’s groups positioned on the grants. I assist laws that
bans “Zuck Bucks” and any private funds that could be employed to affect
an election. [All “i before e” misspellings in original.]

The only trouble right here is that no a single has at any time been equipped to exhibit that those “Zuck Bucks” motivated the outcome of the 2020 election. A lot more on that a little later.

However it has become just one of the a lot of conspiracy theories Trump’s GOP has been utilizing to undermine the legitimacy of Biden’s 2020 election earn.

For instance, the premiere of “Rigged: The Zuckerberg Funded Plot to Defeat Donald Trump” at Mar-a-Lago only very last week.

Kudos to Doug Mastriano on his great timing! I am positive the 2 times-impeached orange vulgarity now hunkered down in his Florida bunker observed your very good efforts, Doug. I am absolutely sure of it!

Anyway, what was the funding for, anyway?

Some qualifications from the Center for Tech and Civic Existence site:

CTCL provided COVID-19 Reaction Grants to approximately 2,500 election
departments across 49 states. In complete, CTCL dispersed about
$350 million in grant cash.

All nearby election offices accountable for administering election
pursuits covered by the CTCL COVID-19 Reaction Grant system have been
qualified to use for grant funds. Each and every qualified election section
that was confirmed as respectable was permitted for a grant.

 And from the teams Final Report we read:

The Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL), a non-partisan
business backed by Republicans, Democrats, and non-partisan
officers, grew rapidly in 2020 in response to an extremely
hard U.S. election yr when a world-wide pandemic and disinformation
campaign threatened people’s skill to participate in the democratic
method. In reaction, our country’s state and area election officers
alongside professional-democracy organizations like foundations,
organizations, and nonprofits, came alongside one another to prevail over these
challenges. As a end result, 2020 was the most safe election in U.S. history and voter turnout soared.

CTCL played a vital function in deploying numerous tactics to
assist election officials and the voting community in 2020. In addition to
delivering well timed and pertinent online schooling as perfectly as correct and
reputable information and facts to thousands and thousands of voters, CTCL distributed almost
$350 million in grants to neighborhood election departments to administer risk-free

CTCL is a publicly supported 501(c)(3) nonprofit firm. We’re
happy to have a balanced combine of economical help from foundations,
personal donors, and gained profits.

But why was it necessary?

Axios provides a clue:

The non-public revenue was needed in section due to the fact the federal government
hadn’t provided sufficient funding. Congress allocated $400 million in March
for election expert services, but that was just a tenth of what some officials
stated was wanted.

Ah. So if they thought they’d be strapped for hard cash, local election commissions could apply for a grant. CTRL has an answer for how much:

Your election business office will be suitable to apply for a grant quantity based mostly
on a formula that considers the citizen voting age populace and other
demographic info of your jurisdiction. Minimum amount grants will be $5,000.
You might select to acquire considerably less than the presented quantity if your desires or
qualified fees do not achieve that amount of money.

So the regional election workplaces selected the amount?

Seems to be that way to me.

And Axios has some info with regards to the query as to no matter if these grants motivated the final result of the election:

In the months given that the election, allies of President Trump have incorporated
the Center for Tech and Civic Everyday living grants in their voter fraud
conspiracy theories. They have challenged the legality and neutrality of
the grants, boasting that the funding was aimed at boosting Democratic
turnout. But an APM Experiences examination of voter registration and voter
turnout in 3 of the five important swing states displays the grant funding
experienced no crystal clear impression on who turned out to vote. Turnout elevated across
the country from 2016. The APM Studies examination found that counties in
Pennsylvania, Ga and Arizona that been given grants did not have
regularly larger turnout prices than individuals that did not acquire revenue.

So Doug must possibly have educated himself a small superior on that.

As effectively as this portion:

There are no community information
showing the amounts that all counties asked for and any ailments that
Zuckerberg’s groups put on the grants

This is the amid CTRL’s closing report.  It really is a Sort 990 – the “Public Disclosure Copy, by the way and lo and behold it does list the amounts that the counties requested.

For example York County – part of which is in PA Condition Senator Doug Mastriano’s legislative district:

The county received $321,600. Definitely he can select up a phone and discover out how a great deal was requested.

As significantly as the teams constraints on the grants, there is certainly a entire web page at CTRL’s web page devoted to that.

Below it is:

How substantially did Doug Mastriano get unquestionably completely wrong with this?


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