It is a no brainer that in order to apply for spousal sponsorship the applicant and the sponsor should be legally married. In case your marriage did not take place in Canada, then do not worry. All you have to do is provide a legal certificate from the country where you got married. This legal certificate would be accepted by the Canadian immigration authorities. If you are seeking a Spousal Sponsorship lawyer in Toronto, we will guide you through the whole process and make sure it happens seamlessly.

What are the criteria for qualifying as a sponsor?

Before you consider spousal sponsorship, there are certain criterions that you need to fulfil in order to become a sponsor. To become a spousal sponsor you should be an adult, that is, at least 18 years of age. You should be a citizen of Canada. These are the two primary requirements for becoming a spousal sponsor. We will guide you through the rest of the criterions that you may need to meet.

How to meet the legal criteria?

Fake marriages for immigration purposes is not a new thing. This makes the process of going through the Canadian immigration authority a bit daunting as it can be tricky to prove that your relationship is, in fact, genuine and you are not cheating the country. With our abundant experience in spousal sponsorship, we will help you to get this right.

In case your appeal for spousal sponsorship does not go through or you are ineligible to become a sponsor, it does not mean that it all ends here. If such a situation arises we are here to help you out. We understand the anxiety of not having your partner with you. We handle such situations with sensitivity and tact.

What are the different categories of relationships that qualify?

1.    Spouse: A spouse is someone who is legally married. The couple needs to provide a certificate of marriage from the relevant place, where the marriage has taken place. This could be in Canada or outside. Relevant documentation needs to be provided.

2.    Common law partners: To apply as common-law partners, it is important that you prove that you have been living together for at least a year. This holds for both same-sex and opposite-sex relationships. Financial records, bills, real estate documents and joint accounts are examples of some of the documents that can be used as proofs.

3.    Conjugal partners

What is the process?

When applying for a visa via spousal sponsorship, the step by step process can seem a bit complicated and overwhelming. Our Spousal sponsorship lawyer in Toronto can make this a simple and straightforward process. We access the case with sensitivity and tact so that you can get your visa processed as quickly as possible. We will ease your worries and guide you through this process.…


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At every place of work, there is a sense of power play which creates an imbalance of power within the employer and employee relationship. This imbalance is recognized by the law, which is why it provides legal protection against any type of abuse that exists. Employees deserve to be treated fairly. There should also be a healthy workplace environment. If you have faced any unfair treatment at the hands of your employers, a top-rated employment lawyer in Toronto will help you through the process.

When should you approach an employment lawyer?

It is only natural to double guess yourself when you feel you are being treated unjustly. If you have faced any of the following mentioned issues, then it is time you got yourself legal help and fought for what is right.

1.    Discrimination and human rights abuse

2.    Sexual harassment

3.    Wrongful termination

4.    Difficulty in obtaining fair severance

5.    Pay in lieu of notice

6.    Retaliation and reprisals

7.    Disputes involving benefits, overtime and wages

8.    Worker’s compensation

9.    Long-term disability claims

10.    Claims involving employment insurance

Why choose us?

We are a boutique litigation firm that has employment law and labour law as one of its main focuses. As the laws are changing at an unprecedented rate, having a general understanding may not be enough. When you have faced injustice, it is crucial that you approach a trusted employment lawyer who can handle your case with care.

Unjust treatment at work can have a huge impact on you and your family. We listen to your story and analyze it. This analysis aims at producing calculated strategies which could lead to tangible results. We share with you the possible strategies so that you can make a well-informed decision. We have a track record of successfully helping employers and employees with employment law issues.

Our approach is client oriented. We understand the pains of unjust behaviour, so our approach is sensitive to the client and his needs. Our aim is to fight with you to right the wrongs that have been committed against you.…


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We are committed to providing you with effective and solution-oriented services when it comes to family law disputes. Family law disputes include divorce, custody, access and parenting issues, child support, property matters and variations of Separation Agreements and Court Orders. We are Oakville Family Law Lawyers who are sensitive to the emotions that you are experiencing and help you to select the process that is the best for you.

We understand your struggle:

Being a member of organizations that believe in interventions when it comes to assault in violence, humane domestic treatment forms the heart of our practice. There is no denying the fact that divorce, separation and disputes cause a lot of emotional stress not only for the individuals concerned but also to their loved ones. In such a situation actions need to be tactful as there are feelings to be taken care of, responsibilities to be divided and underlying issues to be addressed.

As a family law lawyer, we are sensitive to the emotional changes that our clients may be experiencing. It’s a lesser known fact that the duty of a council does not end with the divorce processes. As a fight for parenting, custody and access can take a toll, we are committed to making this process as smooth as we can for our clients, especially when providing legal help for child custody. This thought process also extends to spousal support. In such situations, there are numerous legal processes that need to be taken care of, so it is for your best to speak a legal representative.

We help you make an informed decision:

There is no doubt that separation has financial ramifications that need to be carried out with ease and caution. The division of property and assets is one of the most crucial steps. The division should be such that both the parties have acquired an equal half and are satisfied. Property demarcation also forms a part of common law marriages, even though there are different ways which are taken to solve matters conceding ownership and trust.

Depending on the kind of dispute, there are different ways to settle it. We will help you in selecting the process which best suits you and your circumstances. The strategies developed by us are specifically tailored keeping in mind the clients’ needs and circumstances. We understand that going through this legal process can cause emotional upheaval and we are sensitive to it. We walk alongside our client keeping them engaged and informed at every step of the process.

We offer you our expertise in the following matters to help both the parties make an informed decision:

1.    Family law

2.    Divorce

3.    Custody and access

4.    Parenting issues

5.    Child support

6.    Spousal support

7.    Property matters

8.    Constructive and resulting trusts

9.    Possession of the matrimonial home…


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There can be no business establishment without its employees. Employees make a business what it is with their hard work and dedication. Hence, it is only fair that you are treated equally and justly by your employers. However, there is an established chain of hierarchy in every establishment which gives the employers powers over its employee. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, Etobicoke Employment Lawyer – De Bousquet PC, will help you in your fight against it.

Why De Bousquet PC?

One of the main reasons why you should choose De Bousquet PC is because we genuinely care. Our lawyers understand what it feels like to be treated unjustly, from their previous experience. We work with you to understand the struggles that you have faced at your workplace better. These struggles not only have an impact on you but also on the lives of your loved ones.

With the philosophy justice delayed is justice denied forming the hear of our approach, this is one of the driving forces behind our innovative and out of the box approach. This guides our way to making calculated legal strategies that would produce tangible results which are time effective. We are motivated to defend your rights and right the wrongs that you have faced at the hands of your employer. With a passion for helping people who have faced injustice, we have a solid track record of proven results.

How do you know that you need an employment lawyer?

If you have faced any type of discrimination at work or been treated unjustly, you need to consult an employment lawyer who will make you aware of the legal procedure. If you have faced any of the following issues at work, then it is time to consult a lawyer.

1.    Discrimination and human rights abuse

2.    Sexual harassment

3.    Wrongful termination

4.    Difficulty obtaining fair severance or pay in lieu of notice

5.    Retaliation and reprisals

6.    Disputes involving benefits, overtime and wages

7.    Worker’s compensation

8.    Long term disability claims

9.    Claims involving employment insurance

How to go about the process?

If you have faced any of the above-mentioned issues, consult an employment lawyer. Share your story and struggle with us, so that we can analyze your case. After a case analysis, we will make you aware of the possible set of outcomes and options available to you. Share the information with you, so that you can make a calculated decision as to how you would like to proceed. Our aim is to make justice a hassle-free experience for you. Our positive, goal oriented, friendly and sensitive approach is what makes us different.…


If there are criminal charges which have been laid down against you like DUI, drug possession and theft to name a few, David Genis – Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto will fight your case and help you to get acquitted from all the charges that have been placed against you. As a criminal lawyer, he is a regular at the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court and Court of Appeal for Ontario. With a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School, he has completed his articles with a criminal defence firm in Toronto. This gave him the much-needed exposure to litigation at the trial and appeal levels.


David has a keen interest in complicated cases such as the offence of drinking driving and drug offences. He has also successfully acquitted clients who have faced less complicated, yet serious allegations, for example, sexual assault, domestic assault, theft, possession of child pornography and immigration prosecutions and appeals. In both cases, the clients have been successfully represented and acquitted.

Out of the box approach:

Our solid track record is the proof of our out of the box approach. In his career, David has successfully defended and helped his clients be cleared of the criminal charges that have been laid down against them. His assertive defence has a direct and substantial impact on the situation. This assertive defence of his helps you to avoid jail time. Having criminal charges against you can cause a lot of loss including loss of family, driver’s license, job, immigration status or the ability to travel to the United States of America.

Criminal cases in their very nature are tricky. Each case is different from the other, so this having extensive knowledge is absolutely crucial. As no case is clear cut, having an extensive knowledge will help the lawyer to figure out the various solutions that are available to you and help you make an informed decision. With his broad understanding of case law, David Genis handles all his cases with great care and tact. This is one of the reasons why he has a great track record.

Giving it a personal touch

There is no denying the fact that criminal cases can be extremely stressful not only on the person involved but also for their near and dear ones. Criminal charges are accompanied by heavy penalties and you could also face some serious consequences for it. Depending on your case it needs to be determined what kind of defence would you be needing. With David Genis, you can be sure to receive personalized attention. The solution plans are tailored to fit your situation so that you have the best chance of being acquitted.…

SEO Service companies

As any new technology or trend came into the market it brings new opportunities for business and jobs. Same goes with SEO technique as these things came into the market and people start using it. It will open gates for new jobs and companies related to SEO services. Because it is a new thing and had a huge impact on online marketing and product selling. Companies want to do this through experts for their companies. But they cannot afford their fees. So here comes the opportunity for new companies.

Hasil gambar untuk SEO Service companies

Some businessman grabs this opportunity and makes SEO service providing company which is serving different customers at the same time and generating revenue and profit for their companies. They are providing different services to their customer regarding SEO. Some companies are specialized in one field and provide services to that field only like lawyer seo Services Company providing services to only Law firms.

Services provided by SEO Companies:

These are some SEO services which will provide by Companies and it will help you in getting good traffic on your website and help you make your products more visible to your potential customers.

Quality Content:

Content is indispensable with regards to the positioning of sites. Web indexes need a website that is interesting and free of counterfeiting. Some expert SEO organizations offer composition administrations to the area of their customers.

They compose and post quality substance that is identified with the specialty of the site. A standout amongst the most critical things about substance is that it must be significant. Since SEO organizations are experienced and talented in this, they will help you in making quality substance for your site.

Web Designing:

Website architecture is one of the administrations that are offered by SEO organizations. One of the attributes of an extraordinary site is an amazing plan. Proficient SEO organizations give website architecture administrations. In the event that you need to get traffic to your webpage, at that point it must have amazing web architecture.

Your site resembles the front of your office, it must intrigue the guests with the goal that they draw in your administrations further. The site must be of the great plan and responsive on the off chance that you need guests to purchase or your items and administrations.

Website optimization Audit:

Website optimization review is another famous administration that is offered by the SEO organizations. The essential job of the SEO review is to distinguish regions that should be fixed. The SEO Company analyzes a site and takes a gander at the territories that have issues that should be tended to.

Website optimization review requires the utilization of different instruments whereby the specialist co-ops see the off-page and on-page components. In the event that your site is still in the sandbox following a while, you may require an SEO review.

Internet Marketing:

The basic services are provided by SEO Companies internet marketing is one of them. They will use different tools to make your website rank first …

Canada’s prominent immigration lawyer from Toronto

Our essential objective is to help our customers effectively achieve their migration related goals. We prevail in an aggressive domain and test other law offices through powerful answers for complex Canadian migration issues.

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Round out our free appraisal structure to check whether you fit the bill for Canadian migration, or get in touch with us for experienced help with any Canadian migration matter, including work and study grant applications.

Why employ a legal advisor?

Employing a Canadian migration legal counselor isn’t obligatory. Citizenship and Immigration Canada clarify that no exceptional consideration will be paid to a record as the consequence of utilizing portrayal. So why contract an accomplished Canada’s prominent immigration lawyer from Toronto as opposed to applying without anyone else?

Actually, while some Canadian migration methods and structures may seem straightforward, the legitimate contemplations and repercussions that relate are exceptionally intricate. Awfully regularly our firm is reached to do harm control after a circumstance has raised. The outcomes of not hitting the nail on the head the first run through range from exorbitant postponements to a negative choice, and most mistakes made by the individuals who self-speak to would have been maintained a strategic distance from by an accomplished Canadian migration legal counselor. At the point when an order is endowed to our firm, the customer profits by experienced and capable experts who team up on each document and cling to a strict code of morals.

In the expressions of the Canadian Bar Association, “Having a legal advisor with long stretches of preparing and skill may result in a faster and increasingly ideal result in light of the incorporation of influential contention about the benefits of the case, and the shirking of mistakes or discarded data.”

Picking the correct Canadian migration legal advisor

Picking the correct Canadian migration legal counselor is a choice worth getting right the first run through. Commonplace bar affiliations manage legal advisors by guaranteeing they satisfy fitting guidelines of training, aptitude and demonstrable skill. In any case, it is the customer’s obligation to appropriately vet his or her choices while choosing an attorney.

As a full-administration law office, our lawyers are authorized to furnish lawful portrayal concerning all Canadian migration matters. Our firm earned its outstanding notoriety by determinedly protecting our customer’s rights through the utilization of ability got from long periods of experience. We remain seriously result-driven, legitimate and open to our customers.

An alternate sort of Canadian migration law office

We are satisfied to offer free, unrushed, thorough meetings. Most firms demand a retainer expense before they will evaluate a hopeful’s chances and choices, yet we don’t. It’s a piece of our mean to make the procedure as agreeable as would be prudent, while consoling our customers that our need is insightful portrayal, not profiting.

Our firm is contained ability with foundations in both government and the private area, guaranteeing a far reaching point of view is connected to each customer document. Our notoriety for being a main Canadian movement specialist was fabricated …

Tips to explore The Best Divorce Lawyer!

Separation legal counselors help individuals who never again need to remain wedded. Regardless of whether it is an instance of lawful partition or end of marriage, the experts could help arrange family and monetary issues with the legal counselors of life partners of the individuals who might need a separation. Basic issues incorporate kid guardianship, support, and resource sharing.

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The individuals who have ever confronted separation realize that it is a very enthusiastic affair. A few people may carry such sentiments into the transaction or court process on the off chance that they speak to themselves, taking a chance with their case. In this way, having legal advisors is vital for customers to get those results they merit.

Discovering divorce legal counselors in enormous towns is simple. Be that as it may, separate from issues require uncovering of secret data to legal advisors. Nobody needs to impart private issues to individuals who aren’t experienced and proficient. In this way, it’s imperative to call a Dayton separate from legal counselor you can trust. Here are a few hints to help locate the best separation lawyers.

1. Asking From Past Clients

The individuals who have ever experienced the procedure of separation have a story to tell. In the event that they encountered positive results, they could help in telling about the firm that helped them and how the legal counselors went about it. On the off chance that negative, they could likewise uncover a few regions that new customers may neglect to consider.

It is prescribed to ask whatever number inquiries as could reasonably be expected to get a decent investigation of past customers’ encounters. Not all individuals may have a similar understanding of circumstances. Some have nonsensical desires and therefore get disillusioned on the off chance that they aren’t met.

2. Experience

Under the steady gaze of customers employ separate from legal counselors to deal with their case, they should get some answers concerning the dimension of understanding. Increasingly critical is the quantity of cases the expert has won. Legal counselors who have drilled for extensive stretches and won a few cases know the intricate details of cases and order the certainty of their customers.

3. Expertise

Not all legal advisors have spent significant time in family law. Contracting lawyers whose specialization is outside this field might be disadvantageous to customers who need a separation. They may come up short on the ability that family law requires, particularly in cases that include youngsters. In this manner, they may frustrate their customers. You can hire specialized divorce lawyer in Toronto by DivorceGo.

4. Notoriety

Notoriety never lies. For separation lawyers to have it, they should have aptitude, experience, and abilities to win cases and fulfill their customers. Particularly, individuals feel sheltered and sure when they connect with experts who have numerous referrals.

5. Online Resource

The Internet might be a decent place to locate the most reasonable separation legal counselors for explicit circumstances. Great lawyers outfit their sites with definite data about …

How to become Best express entry lawyer in Toronto

The Express Entry (EE) framework is a three-phase dynamic immigration process whereby intrigued candidates will initially present an EE structure on the web. Second, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) evaluates these potential candidates against explicit qualification criteria. Potential candidates who are regarded to have met the qualification criteria are then gone into a pool with other qualified applicants. Third, those applicants whose profiles line up with the distinguished needs of the legislature, just as, that of certain Canadian bosses, will be issued an “encouragement to apply” (ITA). Just those applicants who get solicitations would then be able to continue to apply for lasting residence.

To become best express entry lawyer in Toronto applicants are required to fill a form:

  • abilities work involvement
  • language ability
  • instruction and different details  that will help in surveying qualification
  • ranking system

The hopefuls who enlisted online will be positioned, one against the other dependent on the “Far reaching Ranking System” (CRS) on the elements referenced previously. Hopefuls that have an “Organized Employment” work offer, a common selection or Canadian post-optional training will get extra focuses. All applicants in the EE pool will be conceded focuses (limit of 1200) that mull over the accompanying components:

Abilities and work involvement (up to 500 points)

Mate or precedent-based law accomplice factors, (for example, their language aptitudes and training – up to 40 extra focuses yet a limit of just 500)

Abilities transferability (counting training and work experience that, when joined, enhance his or her odds of being utilized, and winning a higher pay – up to 100 points)

Extra 600 points for those with a designation from an area or region, Arranged Employment or Canadian post-optional training

For the important competitor, the point allotments breakdown is as per the following (these focuses incorporate corrections which were made to the EE CRS on 19 November 2016):

The requirement for employment that is arranged

Any competitors without an Arranged Employment work offer, or a selection from a region or domain, must enlist with Employment and Social Development Canada’s (ESDC) Job Bank. Candidates are required and urged to advance themselves hands on Bank just as in some other important way, for example spotters, work sheets, and so forth. Occupation Bank publicizing will help interface EE candidates with qualified managers in Canada. The Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) procedure and common/regional selection are the same under the EE routine as the center stays after guaranteeing businesses endeavored endeavors to procure Canadians for the accessible positions, just as encouraging regions/regions’ capacity to meet their particular work advertise needs


In the wake of positioning the potential candidates, IRCC will sort out “draws” and welcome chosen contender to present a full, total application for changeless residency (ITA). At each draw, a base CRS score is set dependent on Inventory.

For more data on the Express Entry or to decide your qualification, get in touch with us today!

Immigration way Canada’s New Express Entry Immigration framework in this complete paper …

Hire The Best Immigration Lawyer Out Of Toronto

When it comes to the planning of settling yourself in another country, then you come across many documents to be completed and processes to be followed. Immigration is one of those steps. The visa journey is a very complicated process only if you are not aware and have not done your homework. Completing immigration documents is one of the crucial aspects of this whole process. To get through the entire process successfully, it is better to hire a legal immigration lawyer.

There are lots of legalities and formalities in the immigration process. Only a professional immigration lawyer can understand, comprehend and deal with such complex legal processes. To hire the best immigration lawyer out of Toronto can be easy if you would follow the following tips.

  • Look into the lawyers’ websites:

In case you have come to know about a lawyer, then you must check his profile and portfolio. For this, you can simply visit his official website. Furthermore there are many websites online from where you can get referrals of professional and well known lawyers. On such websites, you can find the rankings of such lawyers and in this way you can choose the one which you think would file your case well.

  • Go  through the reviews:

When you are plainly blank about the immigration lawyers, then you can visit Google and search for the detailed information about a number of lawyers. It is always better to read client reviews. In this way, you can evaluate the services and experience of more than one immigration lawyer and can hire the one which makes you feel comfortable.

  • Hire a lawyer that is associated with a firm:

It is better to choose a law firm and then hire an immigration lawyer. In this way, you get surety on the professionalism and experience of the lawyer who would be handleing your case. never be in haste while giving any lawyer, your case of immigration. Decisions made in haste can put your case in vain.

  • Quick and active:

When your immigration process in undergoing, then every call has to be answered in no time. moreover, there has to be no holdup in terms of replying to immigration department. So, be sure that your lawyer is quick and responsible enough to keep the time factor in mind. You can have this idea during your first meeting with the lawyer. The time he would take to answer your inquiries, will let you know how quick he could be in future while dealing your immigration case.

  • Knowledgeable:

Apart from all other traits and qualities, knowledge, professionalism and expertise are amongst the most fundamental ones. Therefore, it is primarily important to hire that immigration lawyer, who has extreme expertise in the field of immigration. In this way, you will find a professional who is going to stand for your case and will make sure you win the case. he will be the one, who will also help you going through the immigration medical process without any trouble. …