June 22, 2024


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Roadmap for an Integrated Case Management Platform for Survivors of Violence against Women (VAW) in Chile



Violence towards ladies (VAW) is a significant trouble in Chile and info sharing on VAW circumstances concerning community institutions is confined, stopping an successful, coordinated govt response. Each individual institution has its possess procedures and techniques, which are not interconnected. Survivors should repeat their story at every single end. The deficiency of a solitary program stops case monitoring, resulting in unidentified scenarios of recurring violence, and delays in support supply. Furthermore, critical information and facts that could facilitate early detection and avoidance is not systematically collected. An efficient reaction calls for strengthening response products and services, sturdy platform programs for knowledge collection and analysis, and greater coordination.


The Project’s development aim aimed to contribute to the reduction of VAW by formulating a highway map for an interoperable circumstance management system that facilitates interinstitutional analysis, allows facts aggregation, and can help make an early warning method.

The proposed integrated management process was intended to improve coordination response of point out establishments charged with avoidance, treatment, and defense of survivors.

The original request was to establish a roadmap for a registry of victims of VAW. The workforce as an alternative undertook multidimensional and multisectoral analysis aimed at pinpointing the crucial nodes that avoid the assistance community from delivering an suitable and timely response to survivors. 


The report and proposed roadmap for the style and design of an Built-in Scenario Management System for Conditions of VAW contributes to the gender equity pillar of the CPF. The roadmap aspects chronological suggestions to reinforce coordination concerning institutions that collect and assess info on VAW and provide services to survivors applying a survivor-centered solution.

The report demonstrated the need to have for a new scenario management model that would make sure similar expert services no matter of which institution is the entry stage. This calls for defining a bare minimum bundle of products and services and building a referral technique. Strengthening interoperability and addressing technological gaps and lawful barriers are also important to put into practice an early warning technique.

The analysis and tips have previously begun to condition community plan. A number of tips have been executed, this sort of as strengthened coaching for specialized staff of the Investigation Law enforcement which has indirectly benefited far more than 1,000 girls by the end of 2021. The #1455 hotline was also strengthened in 2021, earning it far better identified through conversation strategies and improving its implementation by using the contact centre to allow for for interconnecting knowledge with the Point out.

The incoming authorities in 2022 obtained a draft regulation that would allow the development of the proposed integrated system, like a governance framework and data sharing mandate that will enable for observe-up of VAW instances throughout establishments, strengthen company delivery, and deliver alerts in high-threat conditions.


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