June 16, 2024


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Russia-Ukraine latest news: Peace talks may resume Monday, as Boris Johnson says ‘barbaric’ Putin ‘testing all of humanity’


Zelensky says Russian troops ‘transitioned into new stage of terror’

Peace talks between Russia and Ukraine are expected to continue on Monday, according to the Kremlin.

Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov said talks were not taking place on Sunday but would resume the next day.

His comments were in direct contradiction to those of Ukrainian presidential adviser Oleksiy Arestovych who earlier said the two countries were conducting talks on Sunday, with particular focus on the situation in the besieged city of Mariupol.

Prime minister Boris Johnson vowed the UK will “continue to pursue more options for bolstering Ukraine’s self-defence”, as he commended the country’s people on their “fortitude” in the face of Russian aggression.

In a call with Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday, Mr Johnson said the UK would “continue to stand behind Ukraine in all their efforts to bring an end to this disastrous conflict”.

He added that Russian president Vladimir Putin’s “barbaric actions” were “testing not just Ukraine but all of humanity”, No 10 said.

The two leaders condemned the killing of Brent Renaud, a US filmmaker and journalist who was fatally shot by Russian forces in Irpin, close to Kyiv, on Sunday, according to officials in Ukraine.


Ukrainian children brought to England for cancer treatment

Twenty-one Ukrainian children who have cancer have arrived in England and will receive treatment through the NHS, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said.

The children and their immediate family members landed this evening from Poland and will be triaged before being sent to NHS hospitals to continue their care.

The youngsters were brought over by the UK government with the support of Polish authorities and clinicians, the department said.

The cancer treatment will be provided free of charge by the health service across hospitals in England.

Hospitals in Poland have taken in children needing treatment who have arrived from Ukraine, the DHSC said.

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China ‘absolutely’ faces consequences if it helps Russia evade sanctions, says US national security adviser

US national security adviser Jake Sullivan, who is due to meet with China’s top diplomat Yang Jiechi in Rome on Monday, warned Beijing that it would “absolutely” face consequences if it helped Moscow evade sweeping sanctions over the war in Ukraine.

Russia has asked China for military equipment since the start of its invasion of Ukraine, sparking concern in the White House that Beijing may undermine Western efforts to help Ukrainian forces defend their country, the Financial Times and Washington Post reported Sunday, citing US officials.

Asked about the reports, Liu Pengyu, spokeperson for China’s embassy in Washington, said: “I’ve never heard of that.”

He said China found the current situation in Ukraine “disconcerting” and added: “We support and encourage all efforts that are conducive to a peaceful settlement of the crisis.”

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Mitt Romney accuses Tulsi Gabbard of ‘treasonous lies’ that ‘may cost lives’ over Russia’s Ukraine invasion

Utah senator Mitt Romney fiercely criticised former congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii on Sunday and suggested her remarks about the existence of so-called “US biolabs” in Ukraine would result in people being killed.

The Republican accused his ex-House counterpart, who served as a Democrat but has shifted far to the right since leaving office, of spreading “treasonous lies” that amounted to “Russian propaganda”.

John Bowden has the full story:

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Ukrainian foreign minister says he and Liz Truss discussed ‘next steps to apply more sanctions on Russia’

Ukrainian foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba said he had spoken with British foreign secretary Liz Truss about “next steps to apply more sanctions on Russia”.

He tweeted: “Call with trussliz on next steps to apply more sanctions on Russia.

“Pressure must increase until Russia ceases its meaningless aggression and stops barbaric war crimes. Grateful to the UK for stepping up support for Ukraine.”

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21 Ukrainian children with cancer have landed in UK

Health secretary Sajid Javid has said 21 Ukrainian children with cancer landed in the UK this evening.

He tweeted: “I can confirm that 21 very ill Ukrainian children with cancer have landed safely in UK this evening.

“NHSEngland will now ensure they get life-saving care in safety. Hugely grateful to everyone involved in helping get these children and their families here.”

Chiara Giordano13 March 2022 23:15


Russian default no longer ‘improbable’, but no trigger for global financial crisis, says IMF

Russia may default on its debts in the wake of unprecedented sanctions over its invasion of Ukraine, but that would not trigger a global financial crisis, International Monetary Fund managing director Kristalina Georgieva has said.

Georgieva told CBS’s Face the Nation programme that sanctions imposed by the United States and other democracies were already having a “severe” impact on the Russian economy and would trigger a deep recession there this year.

The war and the sanctions would also have significant spillover effects on neighbouring countries that depended on Russian energy supplies, and had already resulted in a wave of refugees compared to that seen during the Second World War, she said.

The sanctions were also limiting Russia’s ability to access its resources and service its debts, which meant a default was no longer viewed as “improbable,” Georgieva said.

Chiara Giordano13 March 2022 23:00


Award-winning US filmmaker Brent Renaud killed while recording project on global refugee crisis for TIME

US filmmaker and journalist Brent Renaud was filming a project for TIME Studios on the global refugee crisis when he was killed in Ukraine, according to a joint statement from the magazine’s editor in chief and president of TIME studios.

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Fox host raises eyebrows by spreading claim that Biden ‘does not see Putin as the enemy’

Sunday Morning Features host Maria Bartiromo drew fire on Twitter from a prominent MSNBC host and others after she claimed some Americans were questioning whether president Joe Biden truly viewed Russia’s Vladimir Putin as an adversary.

Bartiromo made the comments on Fox and Friends, the network’s flagship morning show, on Sunday while interviewing Sen Lindsey Graham.

More on this from John Bowden:

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Kremlin told broadcasters to use clips of Tucker Carlson criticising Nato, report says

The Kremlin is advising its media partners to play more clips from popular Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson, according to reports.

On 3 March, as the Russian military continued its invasion of Ukraine, officials sent out a memo containing talking points, suggesting it is “essential” broadcasters play segments of Carlson’s show “as much as possible” because he “sharply criticises the actions of the United States [and] Nato,” reports Mother Jones magazine.

Josh Marcus has more on this story:

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Bermuda revokes licences for many Russian planes

Bermuda’s aviation regulator said it is suspending certification of many Russian airplanes in the British overseas territory due to international sanctions over the war in Ukraine.

“International sanctions on the aviation sector have had a significant impact on the ability to sustain safety oversight on Russian-operated aircraft,” Bermuda’s Civil Aviation Authority said on its website today.

No air carrier is permitted to fly without a certificate of airworthiness, which is issued by the civil aviation authority in the country where it is registered.

The regulator said it is “unable to confidently approve these aircraft as being airworthy”, and therefore as of 12 March, “suspended all Certificates of Airworthiness of those aircraft operating under the Article 83bis Agreement between Bermuda and the Russian Federation”.

Mutual air closures by the European Union and Moscow over the war in Ukraine have left Russian aviation in near isolation.

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