June 20, 2024


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Significance of Women Empowerment for Building a Healthy and Improved Modern Society

In today’s world, women have played a major role in diverse fields from scientific developments, literature to finance and have given a tough competition to the socio economic structure of dependency and deprivations. The success of empowerment of women encompasses a much larger set of principles including active participation in various development programs thereby encouraging them to be self- dependent and confident enough to face the challenges of life with courage as well as increase they’re self- esteem in the patriarchal society. Individual empowerment is achieved only when the person has the ability to take decisions independently. Women of the modern age are well aware of their rights and capable of taking rational and educated decisions in all spheres of life.

The constant struggle for the empowerment of women includes their uprising in social, political, economic and religious spheres. As gender equality implies that in a society, men and women enjoy equal opportunities for achieving internationally agreed goals of development. Modern women do not bind themselves in the comfort zones of their homes. Today women are doctors, engineers, scientists thereby playing a major role in the society. They also enjoy the freedom of speech and expression without any restriction. Most of the countries allow for a strong legal infrastructure which encourages for the empowerment of the women and protects them from all sorts of exploitation such as dowry, child marriages. The government is constantly implementing laws to spread an awareness among the women about their legal rights.

The existence of a strong political system has also allowed the women in actively participate in politics and in governance. This, in turn, has bridged the gap between men and women in the field of decision making. Since women constitute more than 50% of the world population the progress of women is the need of the hour. Demographic reports have shown that women are more loyal and responsible than men thus incorporating them in different spheres of development leads to profit maximization. Today girls are working in shops, driving cars thus proving the fact that they are eligible for the positions that men enjoy in everyday lives. However, for the fullest women empowerment, most of the countries should indulge in eliminating forces that aim at keeping the tradition of male dominance over the female counterparts. Society should understand that an educated mother is capable of creating a disease free environment for the family and serve as a backbone to uplift the quality of life.