September 30, 2023


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The ABCs in Setting Up a Tattoo Business!

Just like any other business, setting up a tattoo studio needs to comply with all the legal and government regulatory requirements. The government agency which is tasked to oversee the entry of the new businesses are those that deals with a bureau of trade and industry, or something like that. When you go to have your regulatory requirements you will be asked to register your business name. Having a business name is important because it will serve to identify you as an entity. When you register your business name, it will be yours for a definite period. In some countries, you have ownership of a certain business name for about fifty years. In this way, you have the right to take legal action when somebody uses your registered business name for their own use without your express permission and due compensation.

There are also cases when it is cost efficient to use another’s business name and you just pay the owner just compensation. This is called franchising. You are actually paying for the right to use another business’ name and technology. This is a viable option especially if you do not want to start from scratch. Most businesses that are franchised normally possess a track record of successful operation for at least three years.

Local regulations normally require a newly established business to have a working permit for all employees, sanitary and environment permit or certificates, electrical and the likes. Even before this, you will probably have to attend some seminars to comply with all the sanitary requirements. When you already have these government requirements, next thing you will have to do is to identify a location where there is heavy foot traffic. This is to make sure that your business is accessible to many people even when they are not tattoo enthusiasts.

After getting the requirements and selecting your location, you need to let everyone know or at least your target market that you have a business. The best thing to do that is to advertise. Advertisements could be through the radio, television and print ads. However, the best advertisement is through word of mouth. This is because when your reputation as a good tattoo provider increases, many people will take the initiative to find you. So build a good reputation.