May 22, 2024


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If there are criminal charges which have been laid down against you like DUI, drug possession and theft to name a few, David Genis – Criminal Defence Lawyer in Toronto will fight your case and help you to get acquitted from all the charges that have been placed against you. As a criminal lawyer, he is a regular at the Ontario Court of Justice, Superior Court and Court of Appeal for Ontario. With a law degree from Osgoode Hall Law School, he has completed his articles with a criminal defence firm in Toronto. This gave him the much-needed exposure to litigation at the trial and appeal levels.


David has a keen interest in complicated cases such as the offence of drinking driving and drug offences. He has also successfully acquitted clients who have faced less complicated, yet serious allegations, for example, sexual assault, domestic assault, theft, possession of child pornography and immigration prosecutions and appeals. In both cases, the clients have been successfully represented and acquitted.

Out of the box approach:

Our solid track record is the proof of our out of the box approach. In his career, David has successfully defended and helped his clients be cleared of the criminal charges that have been laid down against them. His assertive defence has a direct and substantial impact on the situation. This assertive defence of his helps you to avoid jail time. Having criminal charges against you can cause a lot of loss including loss of family, driver’s license, job, immigration status or the ability to travel to the United States of America.

Criminal cases in their very nature are tricky. Each case is different from the other, so this having extensive knowledge is absolutely crucial. As no case is clear cut, having an extensive knowledge will help the lawyer to figure out the various solutions that are available to you and help you make an informed decision. With his broad understanding of case law, David Genis handles all his cases with great care and tact. This is one of the reasons why he has a great track record.

Giving it a personal touch

There is no denying the fact that criminal cases can be extremely stressful not only on the person involved but also for their near and dear ones. Criminal charges are accompanied by heavy penalties and you could also face some serious consequences for it. Depending on your case it needs to be determined what kind of defence would you be needing. With David Genis, you can be sure to receive personalized attention. The solution plans are tailored to fit your situation so that you have the best chance of being acquitted.