June 16, 2024


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The Supreme Court Grants Certiorari in Copyright Infringement Action Involving Warhol, Prince, and Goldsmith


The Supreme Court docket granted a petition for writ of certiorari filed by the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts that occurs from a copyright infringement motion submitted by photographer Lynn Goldsmith, who took the pics of Prince that had been subsequently the issue of Warhol’s allegedly infringing is effective. In quick, Warhol painted various will work of artwork employing Goldsmith’s pictures as source materials. Warhol and now his basis thought that the get the job done was transformative in character and as a result not infringing. Goldsmith disagreed and filed accommodate in federal court docket.

The United States District Court docket agreed with the Warhol Basis and granted a motion for summary judgment, discovering that the work was transformative in mother nature and therefore entitled to defense beneath the truthful use doctrine. Goldsmith appealed to the 2nd Circuit Courtroom of Appeals, which promptly reversed the district court docket in a ruling that held the secondary get the job done ought to, at a bare minimal, do additional than impose the subsequent artist’s style on the most important do the job. This ruling correctly eviscerated the spirit and intent of the truthful use doctrine. Not incredibly, the Warhol Basis questioned the Second Circuit to rethink the issue en banc and think about the impact of the Supreme Court’s ruling in Google v. Oracle. The Second Circuit did particularly that but nevertheless arrived at the exact same conclusion. Accordingly, the Warhol Foundation petitioned the Supreme Court docket. The Supreme Court docket granted that petition and will take care of the apparent circuit break up.

This may perhaps be one of the most vital Supreme Court rulings about mental residence in many years for creatives. If the Supreme Courtroom affirms the selection of the Second Circuit, creatives all through the region will be hamstrung with regard to their ability to use resource substance as aspect of their secondary operates, proficiently stifling creativeness. There will be a ton using on this conclusion, and I’m specified artists and other creatives all through the U.S. will be watching closely.


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