May 20, 2024


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Water Horse Resources names president, secures Fortune 500 construction company MasTec as development partner for regional water supply project


FORT COLLINS, COLO. –News Direct– Water Horse Resources

Advancing its proposed multi-billion-dollar project to bring new water supplies from the Green River in Utah to Colorado’s Front Range area, Water Horse Resources, LLC, has formed an investor and development partnership with Fortune 500 national infrastructure construction company MasTec, Inc. (NYSE: MTZ).

MasTec will lead construction of the company’s proposed 338-mile, minimum 55,000-acre-foot pipeline to deliver water from the Green River, a tributary of the upper Colorado River Basin, to Colorado’s Front Range for agriculture, municipal and environmental in-stream flows benefiting the Poudre and South Platte River systems.

The pipeline will also allow for in-line renewable hydropower electricity generation as the water descends from the Rocky Mountains into the Front Range.

In addition, Water Horse Resources has named accomplished engineering industry veteran L.A. “Buster” Gray as President, responsible for operations and development. Gray brings more than 40 years of experience in the design, construction and management of large-scale pipeline infrastructure projects. He was previously president of Houston-based EnSiteUSA, one of the nation’s leading energy engineering firms.

“Water and other products have been efficiently and safely transported in large-diameter, cross-country pipelines for decades, and while Water Horse may be the nation’s longest proposed water pipeline, it won’t be the last,” said Gray. “The growing demand for water in the dry western regions of the U.S. will require innovative solutions like the one that we intend to build.”

Water Horse’s project design is founded on strategic advantages that the Green River and its complimentary 3.8-million-acre-foot Flaming Gorge Reservoir offer over other water sources, including a geographically unique snowpack, later snowmelt season and more favorable climate change expectations. The water source supplies minimal downstream consumptive use, has established environmental baseline protections and provides a more regional approach to supplying water for Colorado.

The project is designed to efficiently convey water 365 days per year and prevent water loss due to evaporation or absorption.

The Colorado River’s legal and infrastructure framework, established more than 100 years ago, planned for the use of waters from the Green River system to serve Colorado.

“We are building critical infrastructure, just like has been done over the last 150 years, to supply and support Colorado’s increasing water supply shortfall,” said Aaron P. Million, project founder and Water Horse Resources CEO. “With the help of our respected development partners, we will prevent farms from drying up, meet unmet municipal demand and lessen the impact on more fragile river systems.”

Since 2020, Societe Generale, one of the world’s top investment banks for large infrastructure projects, has been assisting Water Horse Resources to secure additional funding sources and development partners.

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