Jeffrey Epstein is only a single of the good lots of figures inside the western environment who had wealth and affect who have shown them selves to be thoroughly corrupted souls engaged in evil routines which have blighted so lots of life. There are so a lot of conditions which have appear to gentle in recent instances across the West exactly where these kinds of people today have risen to prominence in the western system of casino capitalism and aggressive competition.

In the United states the #MeToo scandal with Harvey Weinstein at its centre obviously disclosed that the western planet experienced an enormous problem connected with elite ability and its abuse. The #BlackLivesMatter movement also showed an institutional racism had survived there. Plenty of fiscal scandals down the decades also strengthened the view that there was one thing rotten at the core of western capitalism.

In Britain the paedophile scandals encompassing some of the most well known people today and beforehand properly-highly regarded figures reflected a very similar decay of standard ethical and moral expectations.

These are only the most outward and publicised signs and examples of a decay that has been a lengthy-standing aspect of western lifestyles and their systemic roots.

The malaise goes considerably deeper and has a extended heritage. This plague of inner and outer decay has grown for decades and has been rising at any time additional definitely in new years. The factors where by ethical and moral decay can be observed most obviously vary across a system of vices in the West from pornography to tough drug use to corporate criminality to mind-bending cults to difficult main criminal offense, to rising gun use and violence to an at any time-rising nihilism of youth. A decay in benefit systems from local community to petty criminal offense, tax avoidance and the fostering of a shallow pseudo-movie star variety of elitist fascism, has permeated western cultures extra and extra in latest a long time, leaving these shallow “open minds” prey to substantial governing administration conditioning.

Western societies have been hollowed out in regard to integrity, essential popular perception and any prevalent trace of mental means allowing scrutiny of the pernicious insurance policies of their governments. This has develop into a relative rarity outside the realm of purely egocentric gratification. This has resulted in a vast majority who are so drowned in the sleazy milieu of individual ambition and indulgence that they are now pretty much incapable of rational considered. This is the the greater part who can now be guided like sheep to the slaughter in guidance of whichever prison functions their condition functionaries demand from customers they acquiesce to.

These are the regime change wars primarily based on lies cynically channelled by western states by a corrupted and wholly complicit western mainstream media. These scarcely camouflaged racist wars would have been inconceivable to the public of western states if not for a conditioned blindness that has been meticulously fostered in the bulk by their state institutions.

From 2007 and a selected speech in Munich we have viewed all of the components previously mentioned employed in the most entire act of cynical conditioning that outdoes everything tried in advance of, a far much more pervasive and common degree of hardly hidden propaganda that has underpinned the conditioning of shallow western minds by its focus on one particular person, Vladimir Putin.

This fruits of a common shallowness of intellect and the increasingly degraded and distracted nature of western minds wherever the capacity to understand reality has been dimmed and the common perception of reality conditioned, has been put to productive use by western states. This approach, actively pursued considering the fact that 2007 has still left a western general public as reactive as Pavlov’s Canines.

The basic fogged mindset with all its attendant seducing bodily substance wants and wishes blended in with expanding phobias and illness-inducing behaviors and vulnerabilities has built western populations an excellent target for Machiavellian approaches of manage and manipulation. This is now staying applied to guide help for an extremist Ukrainian regime in which present day day Nazis maintain de facto ability versus a Russia trying to get to unseat them.

George Orwell foresaw all of this long several years just before of class. He foresaw the bleating western “sheep” in almost finish docility shifting inexorably towards the incredibly efficient, state-operated, abattoir of the thoughts.

Luckily most nations all over the world have all-natural cultural antibodies to this method, cultures started on resource-weak ailments the place surplus is unusual and where by minds should keep on being sharp, notify and targeted to make certain mutual survival and where by extended-taken care of traditions and degrees of cultural integrity would threat the perils of anarchic chaos and terminal degrees of poverty if deserted. They are properly aware of the challenges they’d run if they took the western highway to rampant surplus, waste, gleeful irresponsibility, nihilism, a sexual totally free-for-all, rabid, puppy-try to eat-pet dog levels of competition, all aspect and parcel of a very low-integrity, sexual and corporate downward spiral to ethical and ethical decay.

The nations standing from the collective western environment at this second, specifically individuals of Russia and China, are these who dare to defend on their own in opposition to a western planet that has generally to some degree evidenced its immorality and unethical foundations but is now in terminal ethical and ethical decline. They stand progressively united, stronger than at any time in advance of and much more established than ever ahead of not to be taken down by the rapid-disintegrating West or to be taken down by it.

No… the West will by itself descend the bathroom bowl of background, as all previous empires of unsaveable decadence have finished ahead of it. There is clearly no preserving it, especially now as it has come to be universally imbued with the state-designed lies that blind it to the reality of the problem in Ukraine and the oncoming multipolar world in which its evident and ever-worsening degradation has no first rate position.

WE ARE Suffering from THE Ethical, Financial & Ethical Loss of life KNELL OF THE WEST


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