July 22, 2024


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Wendy Bell Is STILL Lying To You About Medicine!


We are going to begin, as is tradition, with The Angel of Death’s most modern Bullshit Board:

And we are going to concentrate on this element, particularly:

The text reads:

American Heart Affiliation: We conclude that the mRNA vaccines dramatically boosts inflammation of
the endothelium, and T-cell infiltration of cardiac muscle mass and may possibly account
for the observation of elevated thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other
vascular functions adhering to vaccination.

Oh my god! Did the American Heart Affiliation truly say that? That’s large, if it is correct, proper?? I signify the AHA ought to have explained it due to the fact it is really in quotation marks, am I right?

Wendy Bell, award winning journalist, would under no circumstances at any time misquote these a prestigious organization as the American Coronary heart Affiliation to make a low-cost place, would she? She’d be absolutely sure to monitor down the quotation to make guaranteed it was really good, would not she?

Any long phrase reader of this blog site will previously know the answer to those concerns.

But what about that estimate? Where’s it from? Is it an formal pronouncement? Some plan assertion? A warning to the public? A paragraph from a peer-reviewed paper? An precise assessment of what the AHA believes?

And that would be a hearty no for just about every. Wendy failed to do her personal investigation as the AHA did not say what Wendy said they claimed.

And it has been the circumstance for a range of months.

Facthcheck – December 21, 2021

The COVID-19 vaccines administered in the U.S. are not acknowledged to
enhance the chance of heart assault. But social media posts are
misinterpreting an summary in an American Heart Association journal as
evidence that the vaccine kills. The publisher later on issued an “expression
of concern” about the summary “until a suitable correction can be


Still, quite a few online and social media posts claim mRNA COVID-19 vaccines “dramatically increase” heart attack hazard, dependent on a misrepresented abstract published in the American Coronary heart Association’s journal Circulation on Nov. 8. 

The summary,
which by mother nature is a short summary and in this circumstance represented
preliminary research that is not peer-reviewed, concludes that “mRNA
vacs significantly improve irritation on the endothelium and T mobile
infiltration of cardiac muscle mass and may account for the observations of
improved thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular occasions
pursuing vaccination.” The summary is not aspect of a complete scientific
paper, and was offered
as a poster at AHA’s Scientific Classes on-line software on Nov. 13.
None of the mRNA COVID-19 vaccines have been linked to thrombosis.

And you know what the AHA basically did to concerning this abstract?

This is the following sentence from Factcheck:

Immediately after its publication, AHA was notified about “potential errors” in the abstract, and on Nov. 24, the journal released an ‘expression of issue’ stating it “may not be dependable.”

Take a look:

Shortly right after publication of the previously mentioned summary in Circulation,
it was brought to the American Coronary heart Association Committee on
Scientific Classes Program’s attention that there are probable faults
in the summary. Specifically, there are several typographical glitches,
there is no data in the abstract pertaining to myocardial T-cell
infiltration, there are no statistical analyses for significance
supplied, and the author is not distinct that only anecdotal data was used.

See that, Wendy? That’s what the American Coronary heart Affiliation explained.

If you never like Factcheck, Wendy, you can find often Reuters:

A exploration
summary cited by commentators as proof that COVID-19 vaccines increase a
person’s possibility of heart ailment has lifted many issues from

319-phrase summary, published in the American Heart Affiliation journal
Circulation, statements its investigation has identified mRNA vaccines “dramatically
increase” inflammation in endothelium cells and T cell infiltration in
the coronary heart.


On the other hand, various gurus have elevated criticisms of the summary, which
does not detail a full study and has not been peer-reviewed.

And if not Factcheck or Reuters then how about this

In a online video clip, Vernon Coleman, who is a mentioned spreader of health and fitness
misinformation, claims that he can prove that the COVID-19 jab is
“murder.” As proof, he cites the summary of a paper from the
American Heart Association’s (AHA) journal Circulation. Coleman reads
from the abstract of the paper, which states, “We conclude that the mRNA
vaccine dramatically boosts irritation of the endothelium, T-mobile
infiltration of cardiac muscle, and might account for the observation of
improved thrombosis, cardiomyopathy, and other vascular functions
next vaccination.” He claims this is evidence that mRNA vaccines
hurt the heart.

The paper he is citing is not a revealed paper at all – it
is a poster presentation from an on the web conference. Posters are a way of
advertising talks about scientific perform all through conferences, and are
neither peer-reviewed nor posted in the identical way that genuine
scientific papers are. This summary has no published facts, no
references, and a number of spelling problems.

Given that the summary was printed on November 8, the AHA has up-to-date the summary with an Expression of Problem…

And so on.

Took me about 20 seconds to come across all this, Wendy. Okay, possibly a moment.

Each time Wendy Bell steers another person away from the vaccines, she’s putting that person’s wellbeing at possibility.

Wendy Bell, the Angel of Loss of life.


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