June 15, 2024


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West Terre Haute brush fire eats up multiple counties resources | News


WEST TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Over 600,000 gallons of drinking water, 15 crews, and one excavator later — the large Saturday early morning brush fireplace is eventually dying down.

Nevertheless, it set very a dent in the county’s finances.

“The trucks are constantly managing and the guys have been out listed here numerous periods — that’s taken absent from other emergencies within the city or taken tools absent from other townships. So, this has been incredibly labor and source intense,” Sugar Creek Fire Section Community Data Officer Josh Sittler explained.

Sittler tells News 10 that the investigation is continue to ongoing.

He claims that they know that West Terre Haute resident John Walker owns that house, and he is been dumping wooden from his business there. Sittler says the brush pile was up to 20 ft.

Nonetheless, they do not know who lit the fireplace.

Information 10 also spoke to Vigo County commissioner Chris Switzer.

He says there is no authorized action they can take to regulate what individuals do with their house, but there are recommendations you must comply with.

“The county doesn’t want to halt people from burning brush on their assets or anything like that, but when you get to burning chemical substances, or shingles, or design materials — you know you should not do that,” Switzer explained.

With it being both a scorching and dry summertime, more fires like this are a threatening probability.

“This issue could’ve long gone farther into these woods, could’ve influenced homes, and you know we never generally see points like that for the reason that you see that out west.”

Sittler advises using your particles to a landfill, letting it mulch, or burning it in small piles. If not, he warns fires like this one could be the conclusion end result.


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