June 15, 2024


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What Makes Truck Accident Cases So Complex?

An enormously profitable sector of the economy is trucking. These tractor-trailers transport anything from live animals and fresh fruit to dismantled houses and heavy construction machinery. The majority of truck accident claims are expensive since these huge trucks are guaranteed to result in fatalities and severe injuries in collisions with non-commercial cars. These disputes frequently involve several parties and are among the most complicated personal injury claims.

To seek restitution, contact experienced Bakersfield truck accident lawyers. They are aware that large commercial vehicle disputes tend to be more complex than typical passenger vehicle disputes.

Several Parties May Be Shared Liable

In contrast to a collision between two passenger cars, a truck accident does not always have clear-cut liability. The injuries and other losses resulting from the collision may be legally attributable to several people or businesses. The truck accident may have occurred because the truck driver was weary or drove longer than the permitted number of hours. The trailer owner could also be held accountable if they offered the driver financial inducements to disobey the law. A cargo loader might be engaged if the tractor-trailer was poorly secured, underloaded, or overloaded.

There are several potential contributing factors to the truck accident.

  • An 18-wheeler on American roads could experience any number of problems. Numerous additional factors, like the state of the roads and negligent drivers, could be at play. Drug usage, speeding, accelerating out of curves, making poor turns, and driver weariness are all examples of driver-related factors.
  • Equipment issues like broken mechanisms may have added to the severity of the truck accident or maybe caused it. These issues could be the responsibility of the trucking company or truck owner, such as deactivating or removing the front brakes to save wear and tear and cut replacement costs; poor maintenance of the brakes, tyres, and steering increases the risk of an accident.
  • These accidents frequently involve poor road design, bad weather, and malfunctioning traffic signals. Due to many parties and potential legal claims, truck accident cases are complicated, and it is essential to look into every aspect to identify the cause and all responsible parties.

The Involvement of Several Insurance Companies

Each victim and each party who is culpable have their own claims. Several insurance companies may be engaged in the lawsuit because truck accidents sometimes involve multiple vehicles and may critically hurt a dozen or more persons.