Yes, Wendy Bell’s “Research” Is Shoddy, At Best


Sizzling off the Twitter-presses from the much more than able crew at the WBW:

I will never hassle with a transcription. Suffice it to say that Wendy Bell “enlightens” a person of her sons with the video clip from this tale:

As far as I can tell, the authentic tweet has been eradicated.

The video clip demonstrates one of the “lifeless” obtaining out of the “body bag” and as this is purportedly in Ukraine, the complete invasion tale has to be taken with a substantial amount of money of skepticism, teaches Wendy. Wendy beams that her son “learns” this lesson about the news media and Ukraine. She “Correct-on!” quotations him:

That I can’t believe anything I’m listening to in college.

You can be aware the date on Wendy’s BS board: 3/9/22. The removed tweet’s day is Mar 1, 2022.

This story was debunked by Politifact on March 4 (3 days afterwards):

The people today under the tarps are not crisis actors from Ukraine making an attempt to
fool people today into pondering they are lifeless. They were being component of a protest
in opposition to weather modify that was held in Vienna, Austria, on Feb. 4.


The clip is from a Feb. 4 demonstration towards local climate alter in Vienna. The reporter, Marvin Bergauer, is from an Austrian information channel named OE24 Tv set and is speaking German in the movie. An English translation of the chyron on the video states “Vienna: Demo from local climate plan.” 


The folks underneath the tarps are not disaster actors —
from Germany, Ukraine or everywhere else — hoping to idiot people today into
wondering that they are lifeless. They’re protesters from Austria in a video clip
taken in advance of the Russian invasion of Ukraine started.

So let’s go as a result of the options of Wendy’s life-lesson to her son.

  • The pretend tale was launched on March 1.
  • Polifact debunked it on March 4.
  • Wendy explained to the story on March 9.

Perhaps Wendy explained to her son the story right before it was debunked. This gives her the gain of the question – if she understood it was false and still nevertheless told her son? No. No rational parent would do that, correct?

In any occasion, that actually does not help her scenario a great deal considering the fact that she’s nevertheless telling us the tale soon after.

Or possibly Wendy in no way bothered to investigate the veracity of the tale at all.

That’s far additional likely, doncha think?

This is Wendy Bell-fashion investigate. It truly is full and utter bullshit.

Here is the lesson we  learn just about every time she’s debunked for misinforming the community or in any other case spreading Russian disinformation:

That I won’t be able to consider anything I’m listening to from Wendy Bell.

See what I did there?


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