June 16, 2024


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You’re Not My Ally and You Are Not My Friend!


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Now that the Supreme Court docket has abolished women’s reproductive rights they have signaled they are not stopping there. The extremist justices on the court, at the same time they ruined Roe vs Wade, signaled they would “rethink” contraceptive legal rights and marriage equality. The top moron, Sen. Ted Cruz (R), arrived appropriate out and referred to as for banning gay relationship. Useless to say, my spouse and I are worried about the long term of our relationship and how long we will have the appropriate to exist as homosexual Us citizens.

Our mates and neighbors, all tried to assuage our fears by telling us it will not transpire. Yeah, the identical bullshit they stated about Roe vs Wade, but search what transpired. What really pisses me off is that pals, neighbors, and even kin count them selves as LGBTQ allies, to our faces. But then when it arrives time to vote, these backstabbing hypocrites, vote straight Republican. They vote for the similar Republicans who have vowed to ban gay relationship and get rid of all LGBTQ rights. Since election ballots are solid in magic formula, they’ll just convert close to and lie to our faces, expressing what a shame that we misplaced all of our rights, but they “will always accept us”.

I do not bear in mind at any time voting on your appropriate to marry your wife or husband. There have been situations when I didn’t like your preference of a wife or husband, but hell I didn’t consider to dissolve your marriage. I also really don’t bear in mind voting on your appropriate to implement for or keep a position, rent an condominium, buy a dwelling, or take a look at your husband or wife if they are hospitalized. I never keep in mind voting on your ideal to go away cash or assets to your wife or husband, or considerable other. I’ve recognized some men and women who have experienced butt unappealing or downright evil spouses, but I in no way did or mentioned just about anything, mainly because it is none of my business.

Considering the fact that Republicans are so versus homosexual marriage I would like to know how my marriage has influenced your marriage or your lives. Please convey to me. I want to know. Really don’t give me any of that “Christian” bullshit for the reason that Jesus Christ never reported something about homosexual folks. He did say a whole lot about loving “thy neighbor as thyself” however. I guess He was not a “Christian Republican!

Since my husband and I reside in New York Point out our legal rights and our marriage is safe, as very long as we are living in this point out. But we are not guaranteed if we will be secure in all 50 states or if we will have federally guarded legal rights. We live in a Crimson location in western New York that nearly usually votes Republicans, regardless of how undesirable or unqualified they may perhaps be. Most folks nonetheless believe that Trump’s Large Lie” and will often think it. I can say with just about full certainty that quite a few mates we have here in our group will vote Republican, consequently voting versus our long run. And then they lie and say how significantly they assist us.

I’m positive that those people of our good friends, neighbors, and allies, will not see or read this blog site post due to the fact, in actuality, they don’t treatment about LGBTQ problems, homosexual relationship, or our personal marriage. If you do vote versus our existence as homosexual people, you are no for a longer period our mate or ally. We’ll under no circumstances know the fact, but you will, and you will have to stay with that betrayal.


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