May 27, 2024


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2 Political Junkies: Quick Wendy Blogpost


Wendy Bell, The Angel of Death, reported a little something crazie about one thing or other nowadays. I you should not know what it was. I was not viewing.

There is certainly a full slew of courageous souls on twitter who’ll do that for you, by the way, but this web site submit doesn’t concern my buddies above at the Wendy Bell Observe.

No, proper now I want to concentrate on a section of modern BS Board:

Evidently Wendy was wanking on some kind of “visual appearance vs actuality” argument.

All over again, not essential. But you will find a difficulty with Wendy’s first “Reality” illustration:

Doxxing of

Do you see the issue?

Give the actuality that Wendy Bell doxxed another person on her show the moment, she must possibly never, at any time point out everyone else’s doxxing ever.

Here is what happened. A female identified as Sierra Specialists, one particular of Wendy’s sponsors and complained about Wendy. And then Wendy herself points out what took place subsequent:

That girl still left, what she thought was an anonymous phone
phone at my advertisers. Effectively, my advertisers are seriously good people today.
And they do not like it when individuals they you should not know, who are not customers
of theirs, test to browbeat them into submission to be a part of “Joe Biden’s
America.” So just one of my advertisers managed to unravel the no-caller ID
private line blocked variety and I acquired to see the variety. 

So my
crew did a reverse lookup, found out who the female was, did some
digging, located some audio of her, did a cross reference look at of the
audio. You gotta make certain who you happen to be talking about if you happen to be gonna go
on and say, “This is what is actually heading on right here.”

And then this is how I wrote about it then:

Wendy Bell observed a image of the lady and confirmed it to her vast
adoring viewers. On her BS board, she’d composed the woman’s title, mobile phone
number, function put and, in accordance to my buddy Jon, coiner of the phrase
“Radio Karen,” explained to her listeners to harass the girl who referred to as Sierra
Authorities (who, by the way, can be reached at 412 378-8333).

Wendy Bell doxxed a critic. Wendy Bell doxxed a critic. Wendy Bell doxxed a critic. 

Say it a person extra time with experience:

Wendy Bell. Doxxed. A. Critic.



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