How gun control and ownership changed the US crime landscape

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Gun-related crimes such as random shootings have never been more prominent in the United States compared to the rest of the western world, especially among highly-developed nations and wealthy democracies.

Any Virginia Beach criminal lawyer would agree that high-profile gun-related incidents, especially random shootings, have sparked renewed interest in the gun-control debate.

In recent years, the US has been plagued by numerous incidents of random shootings in several states, many of the victims of which as school children. 

Regardless of the demographics of the victims of random shootings, it always comes as a devastating and sad predicament for their loved ones or families. 

It pains every Virginia criminal lawyer to hear the news of another death from random shootings, especially when suspects do not get to see their day in court and leave every surviving family or loved one hanging from seeking the justice they so demand the untimely death of an innocent victim.

Guns used for criminal and other activities

The crime landscape in the United States has changed due to gun-related violence. Recent statistics revealed an average of 310 people of all ages is shot with guns in the United States.

When broken down on a daily basis, there is an average of 100 people who die from gunshots, 210 survive their ordeals.

Of these 95 were injured in a gun attack, 90 were victims of accidental shootings, 4 got killed by legal intervention, 12 shot randomly without any identifiable reason, and one died with unknown intent.

Around 61 people succumbed to death from gun-related suicide and 10 survived a suicide attempt.

There is an average of 21 children aged one to 17 that are shot every day in the US, of which four die from shooting attacks, two are murdered, 17 survive gun injuries, might get injured in a gun attack, eight die from family fire such as a firearm improperly stored or misused resulting to death or injury.

The highest number of gun deaths

There were 39,773 gun deaths recorded in 2017, which became the highest number of gun-related deaths since 1968 in the United States, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (CDC). 

The two highest-ranking incidents making up this number are gun murders and suicides. 

A study conducted by the Pew Research Center has seen the growing clamor or support for gun control in the US, particularly among the 18 to 29 years old age group, but gun ownership continues to rise and studies have shown that a significant majority opposes a ban or restriction on handgun ownership.

Most of the crimes recorded involve the use of guns, and currently, a lot of people demand better gun laws to better protect Americans from criminal activity involving the use of guns. A move which any Virginia Beach criminal lawyer would want to see and one that could paint a brighter future of peace and prosperity for the nation.


The effects and extent of gun crimes

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Gun violence has taken a very significant toll on Americans at the cost of hundreds and even thousands of lives each year, with no less than 100 people getting killed each day.

A personal injury lawyer Virginia Beach VA is aware that over the last decade, more than 1.2 million Americans have lost their lives due to gun violence, with millions more being firsthand witnesses to gun-related crime and almost every American knows at least one victim of gun crime in their lifetime.

What constitutes gun violence?

It takes on several forms and it has anything to do with guns such as homicide, murder, accidental deaths, random shootings, suicides, and law enforcement activities.

Personal injury lawyers Virginia Beach believe that any effort to save the life of those involved in these incidents require effective solutions that are aimed to address each of these categories mentioned above.

Where is gun violence prevalent in the US?

The United States has been recorded with exceptionally high gun crime rates, higher than most high-income and developed countries around the world. 

According to a personal injury lawyer Virginia Beach VA, the reason for this is that America has the most number of guns reported at 393 million, but also has the weakest gun laws of any comparable nation.

While the US accounts for only 4% of the world’s population, it takes ownership of 35% of global firearm self-inflicted deaths and about 9% of firearm homicides in the world.

The state of Alaska has the highest percentage of gun violence and has the weakest gun laws in the US. There are 25 people killed with every 100,000 residents, while Hawaii has the lowest death rate with only two people killed for every 100,000 residents. 

Hawaii has also been known to have the strongest gun laws throughout the US.

The cost of gun violence in the US

Not only has gun violence taken its devastating toll on human lives, it also presented costly consequences for the economy as it has been estimated that the country loses no less than $229 billion a year, plus an additional cost of $8.6 billion in direct expenses.

These losses cover spending on medical expenses, law enforcement, lost income, moral damages, pain and suffering, and criminal justice costs. This cost is equivalent to around $700 for every American in the entire US nation. 

The effects of gun violence

Children are the most vulnerable in terms of the effects of gun violence, who suffer psychological and emotional distress. Studies have shown that children exposed to gun violence often experience negative short and long-term mental issues such as anger, withdrawal, post-traumatic stress, and desensitization to violence.

These outcomes could affect children as they grow and could impact their lives unless medical and therapeutic intervention are introduced and applied accordingly.…