Divorce or Legal Separation: Which is Less Expensive?

Legal Separation vs. Divorce: What's the Difference? - PureWow

Are you contemplating divorce? Well, if you are, then there is a chance the concept of legal separation might be your option if you don’t want to go the divorce route. Through consultation with others or, according to you, legal separation might be the right option as it involves fewer fees. 

At the Family Law Attorney Fort Worth Tx, we offer guidance to our clients and ensure you get the right channel that works for you. Considering that divorce litigation can be time-consuming and costly, it is wise to consider your financial options before you make an option.

Although a legal separation may not be an option in Texas, there are legal options you can use to achieve a legal separation without going the court way. There are legal needs for you not to sidestep the court and go ahead with no divorce as an option. 

To achieve legal separation, both parties have to deal with the many factors present in a divorce case: the properties or spousal support.

Take a look at some of the arrangements you can have to achieve a legal separation:

  1. Parent-child suit impacting their relationship. This lawsuit is almost the same as legal separation. It becomes an alternative when you do not want to file a divorce case and obtain a temporary order. Have a court file the suit on request for and tame issues relating to custody and support.
  2. Temporary Order. Immediately you file for a divorce, you qualify for orders relating to property or children issues.

    However, if both parties can agree on property division and children’s support, the court will have no option but to put into place your agreements in a legal manner. This effect will remain in place until you complete your legal separation.
  3.  Protective Orders. Usually associated with domestic violence, you can claim a protective order without filing for divorce. A protective order will restrict an individual from contact with either spouse or children.

Financial Consideration on Divorce vs. Separation

Every case is different, therefore, it is not straightforward to have the exact financial figures for each process. Here are actors that may affect cost:

  1. Relationship with spouse: plenty of legal separation involves your agreement; disputes are expensive to solve.
  2. More assets or High net worth assets. Expensive investments are difficult to find a fast, equitable settlement for.
  3. Plenty of debt. If both partners or one has extensive debts, both of you are obligated to the creditors.

Since you cannot find the exact figure you are looking at saving on divorce, this information should help you make a sound decision that is not expensive. If you are looking for further assistance and guidance, visit the Family Law Attorney Fort Worth Tx. You can also contact our office to book an appointment.