February 22, 2024


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Five Ways In Which An IP Lawyer Can Assist You

An IP lawyer is a legal specialist with particular experience and knowledge when it comes to IP law. These legal experts are able to provide valuable advice and help in all areas of IP law, which can be complicated and difficult to understand if you are not trained in this field. There are a number of IP lawyers that offer a range of services and can provide you with expertise and infallible intellectual property advice to look after your work and ideas and to save you money and time.

Here are some common ways which an experienced IP lawyer can offer you help:

1. A specialist advisor will make sure that your IP (i.e. you creations or ideas) are properly protected legally. This will involve knowing what legal framework it belongs under. You lawyer will look at the different forms of IP such as patents, copyrights, designs or trademarks. If you have taken the time to protect your IP you will benefit from the right to go after anyone who has infringed your rights. This will reassure you that no one can gain from your hard work and effort.

2. IP infringement can happen in numerous ways examples are; copyright infringement, counterfeiting, piracy and general use of your creation without having your prior permission. A specialist intellectual property lawyer will be able to take any necessary action in order to resolve an infringement of your rights. Having this knowledge they will also make sure that any problem is solved asap!

3. Be aware that you too could be infringing someone else’s rights without even being aware of it! This is where your specialist IP lawyer comes to hand again. Searches of the relevant registers are done before launching a new idea or creation to make sure that you are not actually stepping on another person’s toes and committing an infringement. This warning in advance has the ability to save you potential costs i.e. fighting off litigation.

4. Experienced IP solicitors can provide you with some information on how to manage your IP i.e. how to register your rights, licence them out to others and buy and sell them.

5. It is important that you get help from the start of your IP venture right through to the end and this varied intellectual property advice is something which experienced lawyers can offer you. They can access the correct resources to be able to offer you invaluable IP advice.

Taking all of the above on board, and speaking to an experienced IP lawyer could help you save money, and perhaps even make some!