July 22, 2024


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How To Market Your Business in 2010 and 2011 On a Budget

Marketing used to be a matter of supplying informative leaflets, creating targeted advertisements, as well as getting known by word of mouth. Today marketing is very much different to how it used to be. With the internet services available increasing, businesses have turned to the word of the web. It is not only press releases and advertisements that are used to pull custom in, but social media, social bookmarking and seo online services tactics – all to get your business recognised on the World Wide Web. It sounds all very expensive, doesn’t it? However, you can still optimize your page and your custom on a small budget by putting in your time and effort – here’s how…

First of all build a website that is simple and functional. A simple looking website can still be aesthetically pleasing to the eye as a more complex website – remember it is not only about the quality of images and design on your page, although it does sometimes help. Secondly, generate the keywords you are going to use – these should be simple phrases or a word which describes your services. Have a look at services such as Google AdWords for some keyword ideas. Keywords are a useful part of search engine optimisation (SEO) as they help drive traffic to your website and get you recognised and ranked by search engines (i.e. Google).

After your website is complete, make sure you get listed on local online directories. These are free to subscribe to and use. All you need to do is add your information, for instance, your business’s name, address, website and phone number, as well as opening hours. Being present on one of these directories will also give your website more internet presence, vastly improving your SEO ranking.

Also, know your enemy. Have a look at what your competitors are doing in order to generate custom successfully. Check out their website and social media pages in order to gain a full perspective upon the internet marketing plan, as it may in fact end up useful to yours.

Start up your own social media pages. Social media is the new networking tool, which enables businesses and customers to remain in contact. Use a variety of media formats, such as relevant videos and pictures to make the page more interesting to customers. Also keep interactive, by opening up discussions, replying to customers and releasing reviews and press releases on a regular basis. Add links on your website to your social media page and in other promotional material, this way it can start to grow some momentum – and in turn improve your search engine optimisation ranking.

Moreover, you may want to try newsletters. These will keep current customers updated on your services and other related information. Create an email list or a page on your website devoted to a weekly or monthly newsletter.

Lastly, the greatest marketing tactic is the promotion. With the world in recession, everyone is looking for a bargain. Promote sales on your website, as well as offer special discounts or vouchers to those who join the mailing or social media groups. It will encourage your customers to keep connected.