February 22, 2024


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Lifecycle of Postpaid and Prepaid Card Generated, GSM Phone

Both nature and man cause the trend of constant change, advancement or upgrade. Microsoft could not have acquired knowledge what windows 2030 would look like. Limousine cannot also seize a thought of how a car would be like in year 2050 or so. Leading fashionists could neither take a glimpse on the clothing style that would be “in” for 2015 fashion. Changes and advancements in this area are ordained by some natural grounds. The need for providing solutions to make things better and useful before people even realize they need them is banal.

The market force of law of supply and demand exerts pressure on various factors affecting the business flow. The aim of every business is to raise profit or yield; this cannot be done so by selling goods that last forever or exist for a long time as to paralyze shortly the series of business surge. Why do computers and applications need to be upgraded, clothes changed to go with trend and avoid criticism or disapproval, car altered for being outmoded, and mobile phones substituted for something advanced that would work well with provider’s service technology?

One of the very common inclinations nowadays is the innovative use of technology to bring comfort to the lives of business and clients and eventually to raise demand for the product for monetary rewards. Several integrated approaches have been tried and employed in defeating the flux in product demand. Some have endeavored limiting the number of products released to maneuver the economic need that might ultimately lead to escalating the price of the goods or services. Others have contemplated upon the art of controlling the lifespan of the products, and indirectly commanding an indirect idea of purchasing new products to fit a lifestyle or the development of time, and the necessity of upgrading services or goods. Software and applications for instance require constant upgrade oftentimes in a year to maximize their purpose. If these products were set without requiring upgrade, they would result in the discontinuity of trade and transition in the market as they are seen to be useful evermore.

The mobile technology, including the postpaid and the GSM prepaid card powered phone, is constantly changing in a month or two. This means that as mobile companies aim to develop a more advance, friendly-user, cutting -edge phones, they entail another commercial objective. It is obvious that when consumers buy these new products, they will have to generate more profits as fast as they change features and introduce new array of products. The consolations of the company are seeing the consumer satisfied and its cash flow booming. The consolation of the consumers is the convenience and evolving new services brought about by the phone.

In the past decades for instance, sim cards powered by prepaid cards are limited only to calling and SMS messaging; whereas nowadays, they work exactly in the same features as the postpaid phones do. Just after loading your credit using prepaid cards, you can now enjoy surfing the web, catching the glorious moment with your phone cameras, listening to the new released songs of your bands, sending files to another device using blutooth or infrared, and such other innovative features in a handy device.

Companies are not necessarily manifesting wicked intent if they continue to enhance their handset’s features and the prepaid card’s services because who knows their engineers’ innovative minds are only limited to knowing the features released at the time and have not come across of those that shall be developed in the later days.

For now, just take pleasure in your postpaid plan or your prepaid card generated phone before desiring for features that do not exist yet. You might inquire from your service providers, or from your prepaid card distributor about new highlights introduced from time to time. Service features also play a role in spicing up your handset device.