Putin’s Holy Man Pushed for the “Eradication of Ukraine”

Putin and Patriarch Kirill llustration by Thomas Levinson/The Every day Beast/Getty

Beneath the gold onion domes of the Danilov Monastery a several miles south of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin’s chief shaman points out why Russia is hell-bent on destroying Ukraine.

“If we see [Ukraine] as a risk, we have the right to use drive to make sure the threat is eradicated,” Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill not long ago preached to his church’s 90 million devoted followers. “We have entered into a conflict which has not only bodily but also metaphysical significance. We are speaking about human salvation, a little something significantly far more critical than politics.”

The wartime coalition between Putin and his patriarch is called symphonia, an ironclad alliance concerning church and state that assures reciprocal reverence, with neither establishment presuming to dominate the other. Theologians have invested hundreds of years bickering more than the high-quality points, which have now impaled 44 million Ukrainians as the victims of a bloodthirsty land-seize that Putin and the Patriarch have packaged as a holy campaign to cleanse souls.

“A new earth order is born right before our […]

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