May 27, 2024


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Russia news: Chechen officer killed on air as he boasts about defeating Ukrainians – Video | World | News


Chechens are at this time combating with the Russian army, as Vladimir Putin tries to acquire management of the Donbas area. Ramzan Kadyrov, Chechnya’s ruthless ruler, is a staunch ally of the Russian President and has entirely supported the war from his western neighbour. Russian point out media believed that some 12,000 Chechen volunteers have been recruited to combat for Moscow.

In the TikTok clip, the Chechen commander features about how his troops have successfully carried out their armed forces mission towards Ukrainian forces.

He rates the functionality of his group as “5-in addition” and claims only a single of their amount was wounded.

At that extremely instant a shell can be viewed and listened to exploding upcoming to the commander, with the live broadcast brought to an abrupt halt.

Social media consumers speculated that his cell cellphone signal might have manufactured him an effortless prey for a specific missile assault.

A person wrote: “That point was mainly offering any individual viewing with the ideal equipment a 10-digit grid to his place.

“He mainly referred to as that round in on himself.”

The Chechens have a standing for brutality and have faced recurring accusations of committing war crimes.

The war in Ukraine has presented Kadyrov with a excellent option to confirm both equally his loyalty and ongoing usefulness to Putin.

The Chechen leader owes his placement and electrical power to the Kremlin, which bankrolls his routine.

In exchange for making sure steadiness in Chechnya, Kadyrov gets huge subsidies from Russia’s federal finances.

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Industry experts believe that that Kadyrov’s militias are an integral portion of Moscow’s “psychological war” on Ukraine.

Aurelie Campana, an qualified in political violence and Russia, wrote on the Discussion website: “The announcement of the entry into the war of Kadyrov’s troops and the propaganda that surrounds it are component of this work to destabilise the enemy.

“They are known for their cruelty. Involving Chechen troops serves to gasoline fear within just the Ukrainian populace.”


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