June 22, 2024


World's finest Law

Where Honesty Rules

What would the world be like if total and fully integrated honesty leads everything in it, and I do mean everything. I ask myself that question all the time, and I want to give a few of my answers to that question here. Not only that, but I give some epistemological understanding and reasoning for my answers in plain English. Read on: First of all, everyone would know where they stand in the world and life would not come off as so much of a sales pitch for survival. Especially the standard “survival of the fittest macho football player through gladiator like thinking of the slanted news media” going on now. It would be the rule of the wisest and those who genuinely get the best results. It would be a genuine democracy that really is fairly for the best people who get the best results for everyone through their genuine efforts. In short, people would genuinely creatively think for themselves.

I know, even that above honest scenario of life seems far off. Is it, though?

I say: When people get sick enough of the current “survival of the fittest macho football player through gladiator like thinking of the slanted news media” living, and it reaches its terminal destination, things will change like that, I understand.

I mean, when people get ready to really have a winning existence and be honest with themselves, the honesty will be there. That is my point. The current dishonesty is the counter point that exists now against what I am writing and talking about. In fact, I will go as far as to say that this is the training ground for that type of future honesty, really.

Like I said, though, like everything, what is currently going on has to run its course and then fully change to better, to put my understanding into the plainest English I can put it into. Nobody can act genuinely beyond their understanding and change does not happen overnight. Yet when it does, it does quickly in a terminal way and permanently for the better in the way that the electric light bulbs replaced the candles, or the motorized cars or trucks replaced the horse or work animals. It all starts with the honesty of adaptation and genuine growth progression. We all have a choice to survive or not, but, when change like this happens, genuine regression is not an option. You may or may not agree with me, but birds never fly backwards in reality, just on film we take of them flying in reverse to end with a logical metaphor. There is a genuine and agreed on productive principle of honesty. There is not a principle of dishonesty, except when laws are broken and values are destroyed. That is what is meant by the metaphor “birds do not fly backwards in nature”.