June 22, 2024


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Why are we following the law?

New Laws and Regulations September 2017 – Mkenya Ujerumani

Right from the beginning of the world, some level of law and order needed to be maintained across the world. There are so many people in the world with different desires. The implication is that the wishes and desires of almost everybody conflicts with the wishes and desires of someone else. The implication is that without law and order, it would be a matter of time before the world goes into chaos. Hence, it is to avoid such chaos that law and order were established, founded, and perfected. This article will discuss some reasons why we are following the law.

To make the world habitable for everyone
The world has always been such that some people are stronger than others. However, even the strongest individual can be overpowered by a group of people. A group of people can also be overpowered by a group with a higher number of people and/or made up with stronger people. When you add weapons to the mix, the odds could quickly change as a single person with a gun will easily put a crowd of hundred or more people to flight. 

This, coupled with the earlier explained conflicting desires of individuals means that if there is no law, people will often leave in constant fear and chaos. It could easily be argued that animals will have a higher chance of survival compared to humans if there were no laws. Animals, mostly only kill other animals for meals, and hardly ever fight without a reason. 

However, it is common to see a man enter a school for example, and massacre children for no sane reason. It is not as though they want to eat the kids, neither is it that the kids have something that belongs to them nor do they want to take possession of the kids’ property. This is despite the strict laws that come with killing people. 

You can now imagine a situation where there is no law. Perhaps, the world will just be with less than 10 percent of its inhabitants sparsely distributed as over 90 percent could have been killed for selfish reasons or no reason at all. Legal services such as RocketLawyer can be used when you have been harassed, cheated, or for other related reasons that require you to fight your case in a court. 

To make the world save for all living things
Apart from making the world safe for humans, it is also important to make it safe for other living things. As a result, there are diverse laws that people are expected to follow while relating to the environment. Some of such laws are to make the environment to continue to be habitable for humans and animals, while other laws also protect plants and other resources. Despite the laws, it is still obvious the extent of damage that is wrecking to the world with some animals going extinct or almost going extinct as well as other animals’ habitation being rapidly destroyed.