May 27, 2024


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There can be no business establishment without its employees. Employees make a business what it is with their hard work and dedication. Hence, it is only fair that you are treated equally and justly by your employers. However, there is an established chain of hierarchy in every establishment which gives the employers powers over its employee. If you feel that you have been treated unfairly, Etobicoke Employment Lawyer – De Bousquet PC, will help you in your fight against it.

Why De Bousquet PC?

One of the main reasons why you should choose De Bousquet PC is because we genuinely care. Our lawyers understand what it feels like to be treated unjustly, from their previous experience. We work with you to understand the struggles that you have faced at your workplace better. These struggles not only have an impact on you but also on the lives of your loved ones.

With the philosophy justice delayed is justice denied forming the hear of our approach, this is one of the driving forces behind our innovative and out of the box approach. This guides our way to making calculated legal strategies that would produce tangible results which are time effective. We are motivated to defend your rights and right the wrongs that you have faced at the hands of your employer. With a passion for helping people who have faced injustice, we have a solid track record of proven results.

How do you know that you need an employment lawyer?

If you have faced any type of discrimination at work or been treated unjustly, you need to consult an employment lawyer who will make you aware of the legal procedure. If you have faced any of the following issues at work, then it is time to consult a lawyer.

1.    Discrimination and human rights abuse

2.    Sexual harassment

3.    Wrongful termination

4.    Difficulty obtaining fair severance or pay in lieu of notice

5.    Retaliation and reprisals

6.    Disputes involving benefits, overtime and wages

7.    Worker’s compensation

8.    Long term disability claims

9.    Claims involving employment insurance

How to go about the process?

If you have faced any of the above-mentioned issues, consult an employment lawyer. Share your story and struggle with us, so that we can analyze your case. After a case analysis, we will make you aware of the possible set of outcomes and options available to you. Share the information with you, so that you can make a calculated decision as to how you would like to proceed. Our aim is to make justice a hassle-free experience for you. Our positive, goal oriented, friendly and sensitive approach is what makes us different.