June 19, 2024


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We are committed to providing you with effective and solution-oriented services when it comes to family law disputes. Family law disputes include divorce, custody, access and parenting issues, child support, property matters and variations of Separation Agreements and Court Orders. We are Oakville Family Law Lawyers who are sensitive to the emotions that you are experiencing and help you to select the process that is the best for you.

We understand your struggle:

Being a member of organizations that believe in interventions when it comes to assault in violence, humane domestic treatment forms the heart of our practice. There is no denying the fact that divorce, separation and disputes cause a lot of emotional stress not only for the individuals concerned but also to their loved ones. In such a situation actions need to be tactful as there are feelings to be taken care of, responsibilities to be divided and underlying issues to be addressed.

As a family law lawyer, we are sensitive to the emotional changes that our clients may be experiencing. It’s a lesser known fact that the duty of a council does not end with the divorce processes. As a fight for parenting, custody and access can take a toll, we are committed to making this process as smooth as we can for our clients, especially when providing legal help for child custody. This thought process also extends to spousal support. In such situations, there are numerous legal processes that need to be taken care of, so it is for your best to speak a legal representative.

We help you make an informed decision:

There is no doubt that separation has financial ramifications that need to be carried out with ease and caution. The division of property and assets is one of the most crucial steps. The division should be such that both the parties have acquired an equal half and are satisfied. Property demarcation also forms a part of common law marriages, even though there are different ways which are taken to solve matters conceding ownership and trust.

Depending on the kind of dispute, there are different ways to settle it. We will help you in selecting the process which best suits you and your circumstances. The strategies developed by us are specifically tailored keeping in mind the clients’ needs and circumstances. We understand that going through this legal process can cause emotional upheaval and we are sensitive to it. We walk alongside our client keeping them engaged and informed at every step of the process.

We offer you our expertise in the following matters to help both the parties make an informed decision:

1.    Family law

2.    Divorce

3.    Custody and access

4.    Parenting issues

5.    Child support

6.    Spousal support

7.    Property matters

8.    Constructive and resulting trusts

9.    Possession of the matrimonial home